Everything is (con) Fine (d)

I know you have your own problems wherever you may be in the world (unless you’re in Taiwan), but I thought I’d share France’s woes with you and let you know why you won’t see this guy on Strava much for a while.

France is entering its 2nd ‘confinement’ this year, which I suppose we sort of knew was coming in some shape or form, but the brutality of how quickly it dropped on us is a little shocking. The problem, it seems, is ICU beds again. The gov’t is telling us that we are running out, fast. Nimes just flew a few patients out of town yesterday because the public hospital was saturated. My friend – a doctor – wondered out loud why they didn’t just send them to one of the private hospitals in the city. I thought that was a fine question.

Anyway, the situation is dire, according to France Television (in the summer when French beaches, bars and clubs were overflowing, everything was great according to France Television), and, although we don’t know the details yet, I doubt I’ll be able to ride outside after today.

11 thoughts on “Everything is (con) Fine (d)

  1. Did a ride around Girona in the Pyrenees this morning. (Virtually). Our last lockdown wasn’t too bad but I know I will have to prepare mentally to do things differently this time as we are all suffering now from covid fatigue. Still a week and half of Vuelta left. Maybe become fluent in German. Learn to fold clothes and organize like Marie Kondo (my wife would like that one). Plant an indoor garden. (A legal one) 😎.

    • You virtually went to Girona this year. Better than me, Luc. I like your goals. I’ve been doing an free online course at the University of Alberta, but keep getting emails reminding me that I’ve missed another deadline. I actually live with my very own Marie Kondo, and she occasionally folds my clothes along with hers. I know your wife would appreciate the effort. Are you guys going into lockdown, too, or are you there already?

      • Essentially just masks in the streets if street busy but also stores and lu luc transport. Restaurant, no more than 4 to table. Curfew 11pm. And small group in open Max 15. At moment I think that is it. But in general we are avoiding even friends if indoors. Voluntarily.

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