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This blog began life as an account of my explorations of my (then) new home in southern France. It has since evolved into a diary of my newest hobby – spending too much money and time on cycling.

The blog has also played a direct role in the creation of my bike tour company, 44|5 Cycling Tours, which has turned into a good ‘lifestyle job’ for me.

For more on 44|5, browse the site from the link above, or check out our Facebook Page.



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  1. I live in the area and see that you came through my village on the way to Sommieres.

    There is some work going on to display the 11 roman bridge arches that are now hidden in the cellars of the shops built on top of the old bridge.

    The medieval narrowing of the river bed (a dry spell !) is now responsible for the flooding that Sommieres is famous for. This photo is hard to believe http://the-languedoc-page.com/photos/languedoc-photo-020.htm ?

    This roman bridge and roman road are worth a visit :


    The chapelle at Salinelles is one of the few remains of Montredon. Montredon was a town that was destroyed during the religious wars and never rebuilt. The remains are visible in winter on the hill behind the chapelle.

    I’ve got many photos of the area here : http://the-languedoc-page.com/photos/languedoc-photo-index.htm and a local forum here : http://the-languedoc-page.com/forum

    Enjoy your stay


  2. You have a wonderful blog! The pictures are absolutely breathtaking! I enjoy the format as well; pictures+words+maps. What is not to like. Thanks for sharing. I like the Bianchi too!

  3. Marvelously entertaining, Gerry — what a wonderfully put together blog, with great photos, illuminating explanations, easy-to-understand maps, all adding up to the perfect vicarious experience for less adventurous travelers like me. Bravo!

  4. Hi Gerry

    Have just moved to Lecques from Australia. We (family of four) are planning to stay for at least a year. Am a keen cyclist and just bought a road bike from Winbike in Lunel – your web site is a great intro to the region. Looking forward to exploring – any recommendations let us know



  5. Gerry ,
    Many thanks for the excellent work you did in creating a portfolio of cycling routes for our guests staying in La Bastide des Lavandieres in Canaules ( http://www.canaules.com) . The maps are perfect and the accompanying discriptions of the various routes almost tempted me to get on a bike myself

    If anyone else reading your blog needs cycling maps created then they have definitely found the right man for the job .



  6. Fantastic blog Gerry, im new to cycling and recently bought a road bike here in Montpellier. I started this morning by trying out the routes you have posted and found the info very helpful and easy to follow. Keep up the good work!

  7. Hi Gerry, just found your blog. I’m not a cyclist but it looks like fun anyway! I’ve linked to your blog on mine, which is ProvencePost.com. If you like Provence Post, I’d love to be added to your link list! Thanks and Best Wishes,

    • Julie, do yo remember writing this? I just ran across it today! I’m only 4 years late, but the Provence Post is now added to my Links list 😉

  8. Wow… found your blog via Steve’s There And Back Again, and just lost an hour reading.
    What a life. What a ride! And Canadian to boot!

    I’m assuming you’re in a covert position with the government, but good on ya, so long as it allows you to ride.

    Great blog.

    • Steve sends over only the nicest guys, so welcome aboard!

      No, totally legit with the French Gov’t, at least for now. As much as the current government would like to deny me entrance (or send me home), France has a very friendly immigration policy, at least when compared with back home.

  9. Gerry, Just stumbled on your blog while searching for the Polar rs500. You’re blog’s great dude, I added my email to follow you. I never follow blogs, but since I too lost an hour reading around, I hope you are complimented! I’m in the US, out of Maryland. I have been riding for about 8 years, racing locally for 5. Nothing exceptional here, but I can hang. My wife and I just did an Ironman last summer too. Do you ever come to the states? How’d you end up in France from Canada? Shouldn’t you be playing ice hockey?

    Keep it rubber side down


    • Hi Matt. I’m humbled by your email ‘follow’. I’ll try and keep things interesting enough for you to stick around for a while! How I ended up here is a looong story, but it was actually via, Australia, Japan and Singapore, so by the time I’d arrived I didn’t even remember how to skate! I don’t get to the US much, no. Whenever I go back to North America it’s to visit family in Canada, so I haven’t been south of the border in years, I’m afraid. Having said that, I now have lots of blog buddies all over (many of them in the Northeast, interestingly), so I’ll be getting there some day. Cheers!

  10. Hi Gerry,

    Great account or Act I, identical to my own experience only I was much, much slower.
    My legs felt fine on the Glandon/Toussouires but the rest of my body decided to pack up.

    I only wish I’d time to take pictures, I was too busy escaping the broomwagon.

    Good luck with Act II, I’m sure you’ll cruise it.



  11. Great blog. Sorry to say that the new format is hard on the eyes and the mind. The older one (format) was easier to read and digest. You should consider a redesign. Your Languedoc cycling site is giving me lots of pause for thought for a family holiday. We have spent two summers in Argeles sur Mer and the area is just wonderful. To see it from a bicycle would be twice so !

    • I was worried about that. I wonder if others are having the same issues with the new template. So far I’ve had positive reviews, but I’ll ask around and see what others might have to say. Thanks.

      You really need to have the bike next time you’re down…but I don’t need to tell you that!

  12. Gerry, OK, I’m hooked. I spent some of the best times of my life in my teens and twenties in France, got engaged there and then got deep into cycling. I ride a lot, write a blog on cycling and now you’re blog is helping me bring all of this together vicariously. Hope to do it physically before long. In the meantime, I’m going to follow you via RSS. Great stuff. Keep it coming. Steve

    • Jean, I miss bits and pieces of all the places I lived. If I ever move back to Canada, and if I can afford it, it’ll definitely be Vancouver!

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