One reason that I bought the new gravel bike was to finally have some steel again. The last time I rode one was back before smart phones…or at least before I bought one.

I haven’t heard much noise from the steel-is-real crowd lately, but it pops up from time to time and seems to be a persistent idea.

I’m not sure how to explain the difference in riding quality, and I’m using much bigger tires than my road bikes, but I’ll throw caution to the wind and say that there IS a qualitative change in how I feel on the Nemo. It’s not cushier necessarily, but I get the feeling that I’m riding something a little more ‘solid’ maybe. The bike is a bear when it comes to weight, so perhaps that’s why? There’s also a muted feel-sound that seems to connect rider, bike and road more than carbon fiber does.

Or it’s all in my head. Any thoughts from you guys and girls?