health-beauty-osteopathy-osteopaths-chiropractors-masochist-physiotherapist-dhin31_low.jpgI’ve just realized that this blog, whether it’s read or not by anyone, is functioning wonderfully as a chronicle of my increasingly frequent bodily ills. Latest up on the block is my visit to the Osteopath yesterday.

I’ve been feeling ‘tight’ for many months now and sometime near the end of February, in the middle of the night, while attempting to get up to have my 3 am pee, all of a sudden my lower back decided to rip open. That’s what it felt like anyway, a hot rip all across the back. I got to the bathroom and back, but for the next week I had trouble tying my shoes.

I waited it out and even did two races while the pain was still there (although moving around the back, hips and even legs). I went to my GP last week and he helpfully told me that I was now over 50, so suck it up, cupcake. Then I found an Osteopath through some friends and went to see her yesterday morning.

After stripping down and climbing up on her table, the Osteo told me that I was ‘bien bloqué’. In fact I was bloqué from head to uneven toes (one leg was longer than the other till she finished with me), so I asked her why this might be. She said that sometimes it is due to a crash (she knew I rode) and then I remembered last June’s encounter with the German camper van. She said that the body can get out of whack from an accident like this and that it can be aggravated with time.

She then went to work on me, twisting, pulling and digging her way to my new-found ‘balance’. When she was done I felt a little noodly, but not much else. A day later I have some pains still, but the tightness in my hips (it was pretty extreme) is more or less gone and I feel generally ‘loose’. It appears that the body needs to resettle into itself over a few days after an Osteo session, so I’ll just watch cycling instead of doing it.

If this works it’ll have been the best €50 I’ve spent in France. If it doesn’t, I’m willing to fork out 50 more for one more try.

Anyone else have much experience with this sort of thing?