Tour de France 2024: A Nice Change

Well, this one came out of left field, although I guess if I’d paid attention to dates, the question might have popped up – the 2024 Tour de France, for the first time ever, will not finish in Ville d’Avray, the Parc des Princes or Vincennes vélodromes, or the Champs Elysée, i.e. Paris. The reason for the change is to avoid the run-up to the Paris Olympics, which start a week later.

ASO has chosen a place as far from Paris as you can get and still be in France – Nice. There’ll be two stages: Stage 20, which will be a Paris-Nice-esque loop through the hinterlands, and – check this out – an individual time trial around Nice for the final stage.

Nice is in the neighborhood, so I suppose I should get a hotel booked now.

ASO / P. Ballet