Montreal: ‘Bid City’ for the UCI World Championships 2026

This just popped up on some feed or another – Montreal is pushing for the Worlds to return (yes, ‘return’) to Canada in a few years. Montreal was actually the first non-European city to host the Championship in 1974, where Eddy Merckx beat poor ol’ Poulidor to win gold.

The course for the Worlds of 1974 more or less turned into the Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal many years later, which is, along with a Quebec circuit on the same weekend, a popular end-of-season couple of races on the UCI calendar.

Montreal is hoping to combine the two Grands Prix with the Worlds in 2026 with a week off in the middle, becoming “Three 100% Cycling Weeks”, according to their website.

I’d love to see this happen, but I’d love even more to see a properly-translated website from a bilingual country. It’s nearly there, but not quite. Scroll down for ‘English’.

Note: by the time you click on the link above the ‘English’ might be English. I see that they’ve changed ‘Bid City’ to ‘Candidate City’ already. The organizers are probably like me and click ‘publish’ before proofreading…