I Got Rhythm

I know you’ve been worrying about me, so I thought I’d give you an update on my continuing research into my skipping heart. Two weekends ago I wore a Holter monitor for a full 3 days. Like this:

It’s a portable ECG that is used to catch anomalies that don’t show up when you do one for a minute or two at the doctor’s office. As I’ve written a few times before, I have PVCs from time to time (premature heart beats) and the excellent French health system decided that I should get this done, along with an ultrasound next month.

Well, the results are in and I had only 533 isolated PVCs in those 3 days, which I thought sounded like a load, but Dr. Schuster said was alright. It also found that there were no incidences of arrhythmia, or an irregular heartbeat. I’m pretty sure that’s good news, too.

I’ve just emailed her to ask what I can do to avoid these things in the future. I think that the answer will be to avoid stuff that triggers PVCs, which I pray to little baby Jesus is not beer.