Your Cycling Bubble

Emmanuel Macron spoke to us last night from his palace in Paris to let us know that our behavior has been improving, but not quite enough to be let out permanently to play. Our lockdown continues, but in reality, life is getting back to normal. Stores are open now (but not restaurants or Irish pubs) and I can finally get a haircut. It will take some time for most schools to go back and if you like the gym or skiing, you’ll need to have patience.

But what cyclists were waiting for was an enlargement of our ‘radius’, which has been 1 km for the last month (or 3 months total this year, I think). We are now allowed to ride outside for 3 hours at a pop in a 20 km radius. Here’s mine:

I know, I’ve written about this before, but it’s been Groundhog Day all year, so you’ll forgive me, I’m sure. This time around I’d like to talk about our usual rides. Most of us have set routes that we do over and over again, whether we plan to do so or not. Many of us also do our riding within a relatively small distance from our homes, unless you live in Canada, where you have one road and it’s always out and back.

The 20 km radius from Nimes above is where I do most of my riding, unless it’s more than 3 hours. There is lots of great riding in this area, as you can see from the lack of ‘grey’ on the map. I had a discussion with my friends in Paris last night about their 20 km and they were not jumping for joy. Here it is.

Nearly all grey. They can get to Versailles, to the west, which probably sounds nice to people who don’t ride out of Paris, but it’s either urban or suburban the whole way out to that point. It’s one reason I nearly never see a ride of less than 100 km from these friends.

How about, dear reader? What’s your ‘bubble’? Here’s the site I used to determine mine. Is much of your pedaling within 20 km / 12 miles?