Tour du Mont Blanc: Your Butt

As France probably slips into its 2nd lockdown of 2020, I might find myself with more and more time to fret about my decision to do the Tour du Mont Blanc. After establishing a skeleton of a training program, I am now onto other important stuff. My ass.

I’m not sure if this sort of thing is necessary, but I remembered today that there exist bibs made for long-distance riding, like Audax. I haven’t really figured out what makes these things different, except for an ‘endurance chamois’, but I’ll do my research, starting right here!

Does anyone out there have experience with this type of kit? Would there be any reason NOT to wear it on a sportive on steroids, like TMB?

4 thoughts on “Tour du Mont Blanc: Your Butt

  1. Gerry, if you want an excuse to buy a new set of bibs, you can probably come up with something that doesn’t require circumnavigating the Mont Blanc.

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