Turning Within

And so it came to pass. French cyclists will now be able to ride outside, but restricted to within 1 kilometer of ‘chez vous’. But at least I got one last ride in the Free World this afternoon. I can’t see the virus circulating much out there, but I understand the reasoning for locking even us up…sort of.

16 thoughts on “Turning Within

    • Idle, you got it made in Ireland! Are you actually doing any riding? Unless you live in a small town, I guess 5km sill doesn’t get you into anything interesting.

      • I’m “lucky”, I live in a very rural area so can get a couple of decent spins in a 5km radius. It’s been wet and windy this last week so no cycling since we’ve been restricted but we were here earlier this year too so have some routes already.

  1. Our friends in Uzès told us that both of their parents are in ICU at the moment with Covid, and their son, a nurse in Nîmes, tells us that his hospital is dangerously close to being overwhelmed. So, I’m sorry about the ridiculous distance limit (how did they come up with that figure anyway?) but I understand why. Be careful, remain vigilant and know that we’re thinking about you. xox

    • And you know that we have close friends who are still suffering from this, after two weeks. It’s very calm in the neighborhood, but I do feel for the poor nurses, etc. at the CHU. Bises

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