Sunday Sorted, Sort of

It’s a cool, crisp, sunny morning here in the south of France, and I don’t see the wind that’s supposed to be whipping up yet. I’ve already started the laundry, so all I have to do is get my ride in before lunch.

It’s the afternoon that poses a problem. There’s a potetially exciting stage in the Giro today, with the gruppo finally heading into the big mountains for good.

And then there’s the last Monument of the year: the Tour of Flanders.

Finally, there’s viewing strategies. Do I do like a friend of mine and completely avoid one while watching the other (saving the former till later) or open two tabs up and go back and forth live?

Nobody said life was easy.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Sorted, Sort of

  1. I admire you for still getting out in these cooler crisper wetter days. I’ve switched to the pool for the first time in many many many years over the last month. Should be an exciting Giro stage however I’ll probably turn my attention to the Vuelta on Tuesday. Really interested to see how Froome’s rehab has gone. Not expecting a win out of him with all the young powerful lads leading the pack.

    • I don’t know if I remember how to swim. I hope you did! I’ll also start into the Vuelta next week. I don’t even know who’s in it at the moment. Who is there to out for?

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