Covid-19 in France: One-stop Data Shopping

A friend ‘up north’ has put together a handy web page or two that compiles some important (and quickly evolving) stats in one place. If you’d like to find out ‘Where France is now’ and ‘Where France is Going’, you’ll find it here. There are official sources, but you have to track them down and they are not very all-encompassing. Sarah’s graphs put things into perspective and can even tell you if your city is next up on the ‘curfew’ block’.

Give it a look and add feedback in the comments section. It’s a work in progress and she’d appreciate suggestions, etc.

And since this is a cycling blog, I feel I should share this little bit of news with you: we have it on very good authority that the Tour de France will be finishing on top of Mont Ventoux (or climbing it at least) on July 7th, 2021. The last time was 2016, so they are right on time with their usual frequency. The next day will be a sprint into Nimes, so another year of a peloton fly-by in Le Sud!

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