My Giro Hero

Domenico Pozzovivo has never had the best look on the bike, probably because he’s so tiny and always looks like he’s riding his older brother’s machine. Well, things haven’t gotten any better over the years and in 2020 he is completely lopsided, due to a horrible head-on he suffered in training at the beginning of the year. Many wrote his career off at that point because he was in his mid thirties and it really was a damaging crash (see left shoulder below).

Goodness knows how he controls his bike like this

And then the Giro comes around. Pozzovivo is currently in 6th place overall (less than one minute) and has been attacking the whole race so far. He’s obviously in great shape and, at 36 years old, nearly Le Doyen of the gruppo. I’m eager to see what he can do in the mountains, if the Giro reaches the mountains, of course.

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