Tour de France: Desperate Times

With news coming out that the Tour de France is ‘in doubt’ (only the English press – the French are having none of this nonsense), I have not been wasting time waiting for the race to begin.

For the first (and hopefully last) time ever, I watched nearly the entire Team Presentation in Nice last night, complete with BMX freestyle riders, French acrobats and rappers who make instrument sounds with their voices (Bobby McFerrin, eat your heart out). Enthralling stuff, but worth it to see sunny Nice from the helicopter and feel like life is going back to normalish for the next 3 weeks.

I think there are some viewing restrictions on the video below. You can find it here, too:

6 thoughts on “Tour de France: Desperate Times

  1. I can’t see that video, but on the you tube official page I clicked on the ‘protect the riders’ video expecting to see stuff about COVID protocols and how to keep everyone safe. Nope. Same one as last year about no flares and keeping your dog on a leash. Can’t help thinking there is some level of collective denial going and that this will all end very badly (I hope not).

    • Are you saying that because you’ve been living in France for over a decade? 😉 I’m feeling the same way, but will just try and enjoy it while it lasts.

      • Yes, very mixed feelings. Of course I’ll be watching but I don’t feel the same sense of excitement. I have the same sort of feeling I would have if I were sitting on the edge of my seat watching a penalty shootout, praying no one missed or hit the crossbar.

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