Tour de France: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Yesterday, France saw more than 7000 new Covid infections, as much as any day during the peak in March/April. The strange thing about this is that, although it’s news here, people are not generally freaking out or hoarding toilet paper. The reasons are multiple, I suppose. One is that we are just used to coronavirus now and we know that the world will not end (and the toilet paper won’t run out), at least not right away. Also, patient numbers in hospitals are not increasing at near the same rate as case numbers and our old people are not dying in droves in EHPADs (old age homes). In short, most people probably think that things are manageable, at least for the moment.

Which brings me to the Tour de France. The Tour starts in Nice, less than 3 hours from here by car. Normally, I would have gone down for one of the 3 stages that begin there, but these are not normal times. Next week the peloton passes within 25 km from here on its way to Mt. Aigoual (watch this one, it’ll be exciting). I could easily hop on the bike and ride up to see them ride by. In a couple of weeks, after finishing with the Pyrenees and Massif Central, the Tour will come back close to the south, with a finish in my new favorite little mountain range – the Vercors (9/15). I was just up there 2 days ago. It’s not far.

But just like I haven’t seen a movie in a theater in more than 6 months, I am content to stay home and watch Le Grand Boucle on France TV. Anyway, with all the weight I’ve put on this year, I don’t fit into my mankini anymore.

13 thoughts on “Tour de France: Should I Stay or Should I Go?

  1. Best Tour experience I had was in London. Watched the TT but also got to sit down in front of huge screen tv in the park as option to take it all in. Always a great experience but when you wait on side of road for 2-3 hrs to have them all come by in less then a minute it makes you wonder if the tv and beer and the whole stage is not better 🤔. This time around staying away from the crowds is certainly a good choice. Enjoy the tour Gerry.

    • The only good place on the road is on a climb, which I think is going to be difficult this year. TV and beer is definitely the way to go, unless you need some saucisson or Haribo candies from the Caravan.

  2. I always wondered if the guy in the mankini was you. Thanks for clearing that up.

    The same attitude is happening here, in the world’s epicenter. Numbers that were shocking in April are now greeted with a shrug. We’re much like the frog in the pot of water that is slowly coming to boil. We don’t seem to mind each increase in one degree.

    Surely there’s a quiet place to watch the peloton zoom by? I suppose much of the fun is the spectacle itself, being in the crowd and the revelry and whatnot. Fear not – The Tour will be back next year (not even a full year this time!) and you live in a place full of mountains. They’ll stop by.

    • I bet even war is like that if you’ve lived through it long enough. Just about anything can become normal!

      And yes, there’s always next year and it’s never too too far away to go and see if the urge hits.

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