The Cyclist 100 Classic Climbs

I don’t have a garden, so I am finding myself looking for other things to amuse myself this spring. Yesterday I spent a full mug of coffee (I can really nurse these) on The Cyclist 100 Classic Climbs list that they’ve been posting daily for the last week and a half.

I should say ’99 Climbs’ because they have yet to reveal Number One (today). I knew Number Two pretty well, though.


They freely admit that this list is as much for fun than anything else, but I still found myself counting the ones I’ve climbed (41 so far) and noting the ones I thought I might be able to get to this year or next…like:

  • Port de Pailhères
  • Col de Tentes
  • Col de Turini
  • Lac de Cap de long

It seems I need to get to the Pyrenees.

Oh, and there were some climbs that you hear about but remain for me in the dim mists of probability…such as:

Mauna Kea, a 92 km (57 miles) long climb of 4192 m (13,700 feet) elevation gain on the Big Island of Hawaii. This is, according to Cyclist, the longest climb in the world.

Alto de Letras, another monster of 80 km (50 miles) in Colombia.

Trollstigen Pass, that crazy switchbacky climb somewhere in the fjords of Norway.

Pikes Peak, the highest on the list I think (4300 meters / 14,000 feet), so that’s why. This one’s in Colorado.


Trollstigen Pass: Photo by Paul Calver

I was slightly disappointed that I’ve only climbed 40 of these things, but all things considered I guess that’s not bad. Still, I’d like to get to over 50%.

I’m also pretty curious what they chose for Number One. Any ideas? You have to be quick because I think the answer is coming soon!

…later that day: Number One is the Passo dello Stelvio, which I’ve driven a SAG wagon up, but apparently that doesn’t count. Adding one more to the list.

18 thoughts on “The Cyclist 100 Classic Climbs

  1. It’s going to be the Stelvio, I think. Good series. I’m ashamed to say I’ve only done 17 of them!

    • That’s got to be it, Chris! I was trying not to hurt my brain too much trying to figure it out, but didn’t see it on the list. Nice one.

  2. The Pailheres is amazing esp if you continue all the was to Banyuls sur Mer and eat Pizza looking out over the Med 😎

    • At first I thought I must have placed the Pailheres somewhere else, but Google Maps tells me that yeah, it’s possible to ride to the Med from there. Big ride. Guessing you’ve done it?

      • Yes last year, staying at Ax and after doing a sportive nearby rode over it and two more cols before around 100km flat to the sea, very hot 🥵 My girlfriend followed on and off in the car before riding around the coast herself, the Norwegian salmon pizza and cool beers were to die for. I have a route that misses out al most all of the big roads and is very Beautiful?

  3. 40 is pretty impressive Gerry. It’d be interesting to see (outside of a pro) who comes close to that number. Or passes it. You’ve also made multiple ascents of the same mountains. How many of Ventoux? Have you ever tried the Everest Challenge? I think I recall you doing Ventoux x3. What’s the metres on that?

    • It helps being ‘in the business’, that’s for sure. I could add 5 or so more onto that for climbs I’ve done in the van. No Everest Challenge for me, no. I supported one on Ventoux a few years ago (his 60th birthday present to himself), but that’s the closest. I’m not quite that nuts yet! The Ventoux Triple is ‘only’ around 4500 meters of climbing, so you’d have to do 6 climbs to have an Everest. Let that sink in!

      • Gerry: thanks for bringing this list to our attention. Was a nice escape to the previous good-old-days! (I counted 35 “climbs”—benefiting from the short climbs in Flanders that made the list :). You’ll get to 50 if you add the ones close to you; so there you have another goal (goals are what makes life worth living for, as we realize during these sad times).

        • 35 is great and my Flanders trip a few years ago is the reason I’m at 40. There’s a lot of bang for your buck there! 50 is possible this year if I do a little travelling. Hopefully we’ll be allowed.

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