Cingomma: Wear Your Bike

It goes without saying that these are times that those of us who are still making money and paying the bills could really make a difference for someone who isn’t. Supporting your local pizza shop that’s doing take-out, buying blocks of tickets for future use at your favorite movie theater, or going online and purchasing a belt made from bike tires will help these places survive till our overlords tell us the coast is clear.

So yeah, this is about bike-tire belts.

A friend of a friend runs the French arm of Cingomma, an Italian artisanal manufacturer of stuff made from recycled bike tires. They started from belts and have gotten more creative as the years (10 and counting) have gone by. They are also running up against hard times and need to sell some goods. Here are a few of the ways you can ‘wear your bike’.

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6 thoughts on “Cingomma: Wear Your Bike

  1. I am there! (That’s an idiom for “I’ll take your suggestion.”) I had been looking at these at one point several years ago and made a note of how cool they were. Then I lost the note. Of course. Thanks!

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