My 100 Kilometers

Most of us probably do 80% of our rides within a 20 km or 30 km radius of our homes, but I find myself looking further now that I can’t go 101 km from Nimes. The government has given us the authority to ride (or walk, or drive) 100 km without a piece of paper stating why we’re doing it. Below is my new territory (from May 11). I don’t know about where you all live, but 100 km from just about anywhere in France will get you some dynamite riding.

Here are a few photos of where I am able to go, but possibly won’t.


Château de Portes – Cevennes

Photo 22-07-2018 10 34 18 (1)

Mont Aigoual – Cevennes


Cirque de Navacelles


Saintes Maries de la Mer


Pont d’Arc – Ardèche

2018-06-03 09.20.03-1

Gorges du Tarn


Ventoux – right at the edge of the radius

Okay, that’s enough. I could add the Luberon, the orchard/wine region south of Nimes, The fantastic southern portion of the Drome department (north of Ventoux) and 50 other places if I tried. Suddenly I’m not feeling that confined. I suppose this is how you all have felt all along (unless you are in France…or Ireland)!


17 thoughts on “My 100 Kilometers

  1. Our exercise radius is being extended from 2km to 5km on Tuesday! Doesn’t sound like much but it opens up a whole new (or old!) world for cycling routes again 🙂

    • Well that’s good to hear. I’ve got a small mountain behind my place that takes 12 km to get over, but at least I could do hill repeats if we had your radius. Here’s hoping it’ll be extended soon for ya!

  2. You live in a super region. I’ve done some virtual indoor rides In italy and Spain. Actually a nice diversion. Have you uploaded some of your rides? There are ads that pop up and also show on the bottom so I’m assuming the uploader gets some revenue. Enjoy your quasi freedom.

    • I just did this for you and found that you’d have a whole bunch of Vosges riding, plus a good chunk of northern Switzerland. We should trade places sometime. I’d love to get to know that area! What’s the program you’re using? Rouvy? No, I’ve never uploaded anything, anywhere…yet!

  3. I don’t really need 100km, 50km would suffice since that’ll take me to Italian border or Saint Raphael the other way. However, I’m much more likely to head for the hills.

  4. Allez! I believe your graphic answered my question: is it 100km straight-line distance or as traveled on the road? It would appear that its straight-line. All the better for you and good luck!

  5. How in God’s name would this be enforced?! Who is going to pull you over for being 63 miles, or 101km from your home?! We are supposed to be socially distant here, but I challenge that every day. Police only smile and wave as we ride by.

    • If it’s France it’s probably not going to be enforced, especially in the places I’d be riding. We are also supposed to ride 10 meters (30 ft) apart when on the road, which will make conversation tough! We plan to challenge that one definitely 😉

  6. I know a man round here who cycled 100 miles the other day without going more than 15 miles from home. A well planned route! You could do a circular 300 km although I see from you map that some of it might be under water.

    • That IS a well planned route! I’ve thought the same about the circle I could do. I’ve never ridden 300 km, so it might be an idea….or not.

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