Sauvez les Vies, Roulez Chez Vous

The title above says ‘Save Lives, Ride at Home’. This is on the homepage of the FFC (Fédération Française de Cyclisme) and I assume is something we’ve all been doing in the country since they started advising it back in mid March. I certainly have been and have 30 straight trainer rides on Strava to prove it.

Well, things are progressing here and Spain, Italy and now France are going to see what happens when you let people out of the house, including cycling. Below is the latest recommendation from the FFC, which I think the government will listen to and that will mean that on May 11th (when the general ‘de-confinement’ starts) I’ll be on the road again – and yeah – just can’t wait to get on the road again….

There’s a lot of French below, but the important part is that the FFC is advising the authorities to let us ride, at least alone, and that it would be ‘unthinkable’ to not do so on May 11.

Click to access FFC-Communique-2020-04-25-Se-reinventer-oui-disparaitre-non.pdf

20 thoughts on “Sauvez les Vies, Roulez Chez Vous

  1. Yeah! Can’t wait to start getting jealous once again. All this self gratifying riding I’m trying to do outdoors is taking a toll, I’m not used to all your envy for my outdoor excursions.

      • It does!

        Just so that you are in the know. Our home Province of Quebec just announced that the Day cares will be re-opening May 11th with the Primary schools soon after. High Schools will not open until the Fall. On another note, just heard that Primeau Velo in Quebec is opening their stores to the Public commencing tomorrow. The thought of stepping inside a store that doesn’t involve food looks really appealing right now. Imagine being able to ride to your favourite store once again. I’m hoping that this has a Domino effect on the rest of us.

        • Funny, I just watched the daily update video of the mayor of Gaspé (both languages – good guy) and he mentioned the school situation. And yeah, I’m looking forward to walking into a shop or two once this is over. I’ve got a bathroom that need painting, for one thing!

  2. Hoping for the same when our restrictions are eased. Currently due to expire on May 6th so an announcement due this week. Currently we are allowed outside to exercise but only within 2km of our home which is pretty restrictive for cycling but at least we are allowed outside 🤞

    • I saw that you have it pretty strict up there, too. the UK doesn’t seem to have the same urgency as Ireland. My friends there are doing massive rides! Good luck with that announcement.

      • There’s another rule that makes absolutely ZERO sense unless you’re in a dense city. If that was me, I’d put markers on the side of the road, 2-k’s either way from my house and I’d be cruising that 4 km’s fifteen times in a row, all day long. People would be so tired of seeing me along that stretch of road, they’d call the cops and BEG them to let me ride anywhere I wanted.

        • It was brought in to reduce movement so kind of makes sense. The first set of restrictions didn’t reduce movement enough and people were going to scenic spots to walk and hike and they were too crowded. A 2km radius allows a decent amount of exercise. I can complete an 11km loop and mixing other little roads in I was able to complete a 100km cycle last month. It wasn’t enjoyable though. Walking and running is very doable in a 2km radius

        • A radius isn’t so bad, I suppose. My normal weekday route under normal circumstances would almost fit in a 5k radius. Personally, I’m okay with boring if I get to open my legs up. Still, being American, I don’t do well with trust in government figures. If they have a problem with scenic places, simply close those to the public. Really, the problem is me… I have an ingrained “don’t tell me what to do” gene. It’s a struggle.

        • It’s difficult to close everywhere 😊 The 2km radius was an easy solution and better than the full lockdown many other European countries opted for. The good thing is that it has worked. Infection figures have gone way down and deaths are increasing at a much lower rate.

        • As long as it worked. I think we’re a week or two behind you, but we are starting to see the light. Sadly, people are starting to get antsy here. Cases are going to explode if they don’t open up carefully here. Good luck! It was nice to make your acquaintance.

  3. I’ll reserve my opinion of your situation and simply hope the powers that be quickly recover from their bout with acute optiproctitis, thus putting your bike wheels on the road where they belong.

  4. “La réouverture de l’activité des clubs est un deuxième élément primordial pour préparer et réussir une reprise de la pratique. Nous croyons aux vertus éducatives du sport en général et du cyclisme en particulier qui placent au premier plan les valeurs associatives.”

    Somehow this sounds so much more impressive in French than it would if it had been written by a British official.

  5. 30 indoor rides!! Wow that’s impressive Gerry. What’s it been for you 6 weeks? I think you may be pleasantly surprised once you’re back on the road with your progress made. I always seem to come off the winter training season with a good boost in speed only to lose it with my irregular outdoor riding.

    • Luc, a little over 6 weeks, yeah. I have been wondering about my fitness. I’m actually losing weight, I think, but I’m not pushing too hard on the trainer. Just getting the heart rate up enough to make a difference, plus a few intervals from time to time. I really need an ‘objective’ to train for or I’m useless. Hoping for something late season!

      Are you on Strava, btw? I just realized that I don’t follow you.

      • No I’m not on Strava (I’d be too embarrassed to share my meagre numbers and you might motivate me to work harder 😂). Regarding indoor rides, I’ve not really needed any other diversion other than a timer but that has become harder to stay motivated with so I’ve just found some virtual rides on you tube. There is a 2 hour one up Mont Ventoux that i may have to ride. I’ll wave to you 😎

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