Instant 1X

A couple of days ago I crawled onto the trainer and shifted from the front to big ring, or at least I tried to. Nothing happened, so I rolled off the bike and inspected, only to find that I’d snapped the derailleur clamp right off the seat tube. Below is a stock ‘before’ photo, except that I have never had the disposable income to buy Super Record. You can see the clamp hiding at top.


With a little help from a friend I realized that I could make a quick fix by taking the derailleur off and using only either the small or big chainring for my trainer rides.

You might remember that I have been pining over a 1X set-up for some time and now I have it! Unfortunately a 50/27 will not do me much good the next time I climb Ventoux, or any hill for that matter. I can still use the ‘2nd bike’ on the trainer, though, saving the Colnago for the road.

Oh, mark your calendrier, by the way; May 11 is France’s ‘soft open’ and I’m confident they’ll let me go out on my bike that day.

6 thoughts on “Instant 1X

  1. Yes. We are definitely allowed out on May the 11th. I am sitting in my outdoor chair (in Roussillon) looking at the Ventoux right now, may need some extra training before tackling that hill. Hopefully you can run some tours later in the year.

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