Tour de France: 29 August – 20 September


This news is minutes old, unless it’s been spread already by another source. I just saw on the 8 pm news (France TV, the ones who show the TDF) that the Tour is now scheduled to take place Aug 29 – Sept 20 this year.

I’d heard two other sets of dates from the rumor mill but never this one. I imagine that ASO is trying to get as far away from the present situation as they can without heading too far into Autumn. The longer they wait the longer riders will have to properly train as well. I can’t imagine where they’ll put the Vuelta now (half owned by ASO), but the Tour trumps all other bike races, I guess.



7 thoughts on “Tour de France: 29 August – 20 September

  1. That is very exciting news, Gerry! Not a single North American sport has announced a specific plan to return. There is plenty of discussion about playing in empty arenas but not even that is solid. So now you have a date to plan for, which must be a pleasant change. I’ve heard the Tour Director state that the race would not be closed to fans (something about the most important word in TdF being France). Have they announced if there will be any constraints on the crowds?

    I have no doubt that TdF trumps all other races, including The Vuelta. As you are no doubt aware, several teams have announced they would go brankrupt if the Tour was cancelled this year.

    In any event, congratulations on getting a date and very best wishes as you update your plans!

    • Steve, thanks for the kind words. We don’t really have a ‘stake’ in the TDF (not tours around it), but if this event could be held in September then certainly small bike tours could. It gives us confidence.

      You never realize how important the TDF is to France until you see something like this happen. I am as positive as I can that Macron’s opening of events, concerts, etc. on July 15 was made after consultation with ASO and their planned dates for the TDF.

      So yes, it’s all good news, assuming that Covid-19 cooperates, of course.

    • That’s good to hear. I guess it’s all pretty random at this point, but hopefully they’ve got some experts telling them the fall will be alright!

  2. Great news about the TDF..hope it becomes reality…but please…if we might refrain from using the word ‘trump’…that would be nice.

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