Outside Riders, I have a Request

My wife has long given up Facebook because the idiocy that abounds on it drove her up the wall. I have thicker skin for these kinds of things, but I am reaching my limit with Strava. Here is a small selection of my friends’ rides today.

People are allowed to ride on roads in the following places:







Hell, I’m even jealous of this old friend who is riding in Singapore. Singers

People, have a heart. Make your rides ‘private’, or at least don’t gloat about how how nice the weather was and how quiet the roads are where you are.

Now I know how my Canadian friends feel when I post my outdoor winter rides…

By the way, I’m up to ‘Covid 19’ on my living room trainer sessions. I thought it’d be fitting to stop there, but I think Macron has a rude announcement for us tomorrow. I have a shelf full of beer – I am ready.

17 thoughts on “Outside Riders, I have a Request

  1. Actually, I enjoy seeing your rides in the middle of our horrible winters, it give me $&@%ing hope that somewhere on this planet there are places where the weather is liveable. I say this as I look out my front window after our Easter snowfall. Well, down to the “Pain Cave” for 3 hrs of indoor riding.

    • It’s all about attitude and perspective. I have only admiration for someone who has winters as long as you and have cycling as his sport of choice. At least you have Arizona.

  2. Better not tell you about my ride around North Cornwall in glorious sunshine, not a breath of wind nor a car on the road then……

  3. Sorry, dear friend. There are rare days in Germany with this kind of weather…so we keep on. Just another point. Will this be the end of french bisous?

  4. My how the tables have turned! The man who posts photos, descriptions, and tracks of more drool-worthy rides in one season than most of us will do in a lifetime now can’t bear to look at my pathetic little neighborhood loop through the drizzle and the treacherous leftover piles of winter road sand. ROTFLMAO. Life is fair after all!

  5. Hi Gerry, I’m with you – it’s very tough seeing the spring time weather arrive and not being able to go outdoors when you see everyone else being able to – not fair… But like you said, this is how others feel when they are living in less cycling friendly weather environments when we post… I think this crisis will change how we view alot of things in our life – and riding bikes will surely be one of them – whether in a race, a training group, or alone. We will have a lot to reflect on moving forward. And we will one day have a duty to pass this on to the younger generations who haven’t lived through 2020 (and 2021 I’m afraid)…

    Anyway, thanks to you and other blog specialists like yoursefl for keeping us all connected in this crisis – kudos to you!

    • Thanks, Rich. It does make me feel good to see all my French friends sticking to the rules here and trying out new virtual programs. And yes, as we needed to be reminded how lucky we are to live where we’re living, this certainly makes it clear.

      As for life changes, I’m not too certain, but I really hope you’re right. People have a great ability to go back to business as usual. There will be some ‘reckoning’ after all this is done, though, I’m sure of that. Get ready for a French Revolution!

      Like you, I’ll be glued to the tube tonight to see how many more weeks we’ll be inside. I’m hearing rumors of over a month, but I just can’t believe they’d do that to us, at least not in one shot. Then again, we’ve already done one so what’s another one?!

      Looking forward to riding with you again after this is all done with.

  6. I feel your pain. Now if you could just stop posting those pictures of bike rides in sunny southern France while we are having rain, hail and gales up here………

  7. I recon we’re all out there getting rides in while we can! Who know when that guilty pleasure will be stripped away in the event of a full lockdown. Hope you’re keeping sane inside!

    • I think you’re right, Tempo. Most of you are also working at home, which I know from years of practice has ‘flexible hours’. Enjoy it while you can!

  8. Its hit and miss for us here as some days are nice enough to start going out but the riding is still hard as the cold air hits the lungs. This morning woke up to a fresh dusting of snow and more wind. As an expert on indoor training i don’t view it as a chore unless I start hitting that 6 month indoor season.

    The fact that all my friends near and far are sharing the indoor season with me except for the odd outdoor venture is somewhat welcome, I will be happy to impart any knowledge to you on how to tolerate this somewhat extended Indoor season.

    Remember Rule #5
    Cheers mon ami!

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