Etape du Tour Postponed

That is, not cancelled.

According to this first statement put out by ASO on the Tour de France’s official website, the Etape du Tour will be postponed till a further date, as yet determined.

logo@x2.pngThere’s nothing on the Etape website yet and not too much any other place either, but you could imagine that the event will take place during the new dates of the Tour de France (Aug 29-Sept 20). If they stick to the same ‘place’ within those dates as what was originally planned then we are looking at Sunday, September 7th. Of course they could do anything they like, except for the weekend before because that would conflict with the actual Tour itself in Nice.

As a tour operator with 15 riders signed up for the original Etape du Tour this postponement presents other challenges, namely finding time to do it! At present we are booked the first two weekends of September. We will also have some riders who simply won’t want to (or can’t) come and ride the Etape in September. Oh, and then there’s hotel availability of course. I’m sure I’m missing a bunch of things, but it’ll be a fun puzzle to figure out once we find out dates.

5 thoughts on “Etape du Tour Postponed

    • Right, and it’s a risk for us to go ahead and do the extra work to shift dates for our clients. I guess we can try and let each rider decide themselves what to do. Nothing is as it should be these days!

  1. How will the risk of having 1000s of people traveling from across the world, and then spending hours close together, be any different at the end of Aug than what it is today?

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