Pro Cyclists Living in Andorra

The title of this post might be a little misleading, so apologies if you’ve stumbled here actually looking for a list. Funny story, though…

John and I were on the first day of our ‘bikepacking’ (whatever that is) trip to Andorra, Spain and back to France, and we were having a beer outside our hotel, shooting the mierda, as you do. I knew that there were pros living in Andorra and decided to do a Google search to see who might be around. The first name on the list was Joaquim Rodriguez (Purito, the Alaphilippe of the Aughts and a bit beyond). While we were talking about his exploits a little, I glanced over at a table 3 meters from us and there he was. After much comparing between Google Images and Reality, John decided that we needed to say hi, which he did, only to find out that Purito doesn’t speak English. We didn’t try French, but shook his hand and said something lame, I’m sure. He still looks a lot like this:


Apart from our run-in with cycling royalty, we learned a few things about any potential tour we might run in this part of the Pyrenees:

  1. It will not be climbing up to Andorra. There are only two roads going into the country and both host all sizes of vehicles. Not dangerous, per se, but we wouldn’t bring clients on them.
  2. Spain is no France when it comes to shear choice of roads. We knew this already, but it was immediately evident when we crossed back over on Day Three. The people are nicer, though 😉
  3. The Ariège Pyrenees in France have some seriously good and challenging cycling. We feel a tour coming here soon.
  4. I’m in dire straits only two weeks away from Haute Route Pyrenees, but that’s okay. I’m learning to live with my inadequacies.

2019-07-29 16.51.10

2019-07-30 14.44.57

2019-07-30 15.27.00

2019-07-30 16.01.56

2019-07-31 18.10.20

2019-08-01 08.57.29




9 thoughts on “Pro Cyclists Living in Andorra

  1. Really, really? People are nicer on the spain side of the border than the french one? Come on I had some super nice french people selling me wine on the french side in ax les 3 domaines – but they may have been cognizant of my ability/desire to purchase a lot of red wine…

  2. You are not in dire straits re HR!! From your posts and Strava it appears to me that you’ve certainly got lots of hilly miles in your legs. Look forward to seeing you in Pau.

    • Thanks, Jules. It always sounds worse on the blog, or at least I hope so. It’s been a good long time since we’ve seen each other. Will be great to ride with you again.

  3. Gerry: so what do you carry in that “bikepack” under your saddle? I assume just the minimum for hotel overnight stays? Good enough for a few nights? (Washing the kit in the sink as usual)

    • Jan, exactly. The most important thing is the credit card 😉 I had two bibs and one jersey, plus other essential kit, street wear (but only brought flip flops for shoes), and toiletries. It’s pretty spartan but also light and liberating.

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