Andorra on my mind

For various pernicious reasons, I’ve been thinking a lot about leaving France lately. I’ve gone from looking at real estate in Montreal to contacting people I know in Girona, Spain, to checking out starting a business in Andorra. And that’s where I’ve landed for the moment.

I’ve only been to Andorra once, and I was certainly not impressed with the main road we rode through the Principality on, but the people were friendly and nature is everywhere you look (it’s essentially a bunch of little towns in a long, mountainous bowl, with only two or three roads out). They seem to speak French (and Spanish and Catalan and English), which is nice, too.

I might tell you the ‘why’ someday, but I’m more concerned with the ‘how’ right now. Has anyone ever lived there? Got friends there? I don’t have a direct number for Joaqim Rodriguez (yet), so will need some help.

Here’s a nicer road than John and I took a couple of years ago, so at least I know I’ll get some good climbing in if we end up there.

13 thoughts on “Andorra on my mind

  1. This time period is being called the biggest massive exodus of people since World War 11. It all started in New York State with about 25% from the state moving to other States like Texas, Georgia etc…

    We live in Ontario Canada and a mass exodus is happening here where people are getting out of this Province and moving mostly to the East Coast. As you know, we just bought a house in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. In the last year, 23000 people have moved to Nova Scotia where housing is much cheaper. People want a better way of life

    I would think that this type of exodus will continue for another year as people are looking for greener pastures. Many are re-evaluating their lives as they’ve had so much time to reflect on it.

    • This sort of thing is natural to me, but hasn’t hit until recently in France. Covid doesn’t help, but there are other factors, too. There’s nothing wrong with change and sometimes we need a little nudge to make it happen. We might both be living in our own valleys soon!

  2. Can’t help you on Andorra 🇦🇩 Gerry. I think a lot of people are experiencing a malaise due in large part to Covid. Maybe even exacerbating what was already underlying. I have a friend checking out Portugal at the moment. How about Finland rated happiest country in the world. When they were told that they had to maintain a 2 meter distance due to Covid they asked why they couldn’t just keep it at 4 meters as they normally did.

    • That’s a good assessment, Luc. There’s often something ‘underlying’. I actually looked at Portugal, but I’m not enamored with the language (living costs on the other hand…) and it’s even more isolated than Andorra. Finland might be nice, but I’ve already got a no-touch country to go to if I need it – Japan. Food’s probably better, too.

  3. Check out Willie Smit’s you tube channel. He was and maybe still is living in Andorra. Looks like some beautiful mountain cycling weather permitting. If you are into snow skiing/boarding too it could be a great place!

    • Just watched this one. That big road doesn’t look very appetizing, but I think it’s a necessary evil (and I’ve learned that pros really don’t care about big roads anyway). Thanks for sending this over.

  4. This certainly complicates my planned ascent of Alpe d-Huez in 2023. I suppose there are some things more important than that, however. You have a knack for landing on your feet no matter where you find yourself and I’m certain you have at least one more adventure in you before you stop moving. Keep us posted, please. Your public is fascinated by this news!

    • Don’t give up, Steve, AdH is never too far for a bike guide!

      Anyway, I’m just looking around and seeing what’s out there. Nothing to get alarmed about..yet!

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