This blog is coming up to its 10th year and it’s weekends like this that make you realize that this little thing has created a history for you (meaning ‘me’). Carsten, loyal reader and commenter since 2013 or even before, is in Le Sud for a while this March to do some riding.

We first saw Carsten in the run-up to Haute Route 2013; incredibly, 5 years ago. This was another of his trips to the south (he lives in Hamburg – you can’t blame him) and friend Erik and I did a Ventoux Triple with him. He wasn’t part of Team Vicious Cycle in Haute Route a few months later, but sort of an ‘honorary’ one, and even led us on our first ride out of Geneva back in the Halcyon Days when I was 65 kg.

This year, after a windy few days spent in Girona, Carsten came over to Nimes for a couple rides before heading into the Ardèche / Cévennes for some seriously ‘early season’ mountain riding.

2018-03-24 11.18.59



Carsten (and Christian – also on that fateful pre-HR ride), great seeing you again. Maybe next time it’ll be up your way, or better yet, in sunny Tuscany next March.

6 thoughts on “Carsten

  1. Gerry, I feel a little touched, getting my on Blog entry. Thanks for having us on the ride and on the talks. It will be a pleasure to guide you through Hamburg, including Cyclassics.

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