Haute Route: Sh*t Storm – 1

Like clockwork, the whole team (plus a couple of German friends) appeared at the hotel early this morning for our first real ride as a group. Present were fellow lunatics from Canada, Scotland, Ireland, Holland and North & South Carolina. Here we are, checking out the first 25km of our route tomorrow morning.

2013-08-17 07.59.56

No flats, no wipe-outs and lots of friendly banter made it a most enjoyable 50 km spin. In the afternoon we went to the ‘village’ and got our goodies. We’ve been here two days, but it apparently wasn’t the case for many. Here are a few riders assembling their bikes on the shores of Lake Geneva.

2013-08-17 11.57.08

They had info on each day of the week. Rob appears to like the profile of Stage 5.

2013-08-17 12.38.25For those who don’t cycle, Rob is sporting compression socks. These kinds of events are probably the only places where this fashion statement slips by without a bat of an eye.

Tonight we have a mandatory briefing, a pasta party, then a sleepless night before our 7am departure for the Alps tomorrow morning. Bring it on………….?

8 thoughts on “Haute Route: Sh*t Storm – 1

  1. From HRA Website:
    Chris McCarty (451), from the USA, is riding in his first Haute Route event with the Vicious Cycle team representing the USA and Europe: “We met through the blog of Robert Armstrong and Gerald Patterson and we all got together – I knew one of the guys from America and I wanted to get in early so hooked up with them and it kind of grew over the year. We now have 11 guys from four different nationalities – USA, UK, Canada and France – in Vicious USA and Vicious EUR because we grew so much.”

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