How Peter Sagan Won Paris Roubaix

I don’t actually know, since I’m still half in the bag and not really an expert on cycling, but I will say that this 2018 Paris-Roubaix was the most satisfying edition I’ve experienced in a while (and that includes one I’ve seen live).

How did Peter Sagan (the World Champion!) escape from a peloton of favorites and bridge to the breakaway? This will probably be the question that haunts those in that group for weeks, but it’s a complete mystery to me how anyone would let a man like that break away. Then again, this is why cycling is so fascinating, and why Paris-Roubaix is maybe one of the most unpredictable races in the season.



12 thoughts on “How Peter Sagan Won Paris Roubaix

  1. I think Peter looked at the group and gambled they’d faff about arguing who should lead the chase giving him enough time to bridge to break. He was right!

  2. Greg said to Sporza: “I just had done two efforts so it wasn’t my job to jump/close the gap; but no one else did either.” Sep and Greg said “the opening hour was hard” —I think they covered 50km in first hour so they were all tired. Sagan gambled/took the right moment and was the strongest guy today. (Or was it Terpstra? But the quickstep boys had played their cards too early and didn’t have much left over either. Too bad Wout had that dropped chain; otherwise he’d been in the top 7, which would have been nice [13th is still very respectable for the cross boy!]

  3. Please Please Please dont put the winning riders name in the title again! it popped in my email and i saw instantly Sagan had won, i had it on catch up to watch as i d been working away and was looking fwd to the race, avoiding FB etc arrrrgggg!

    • Many apologies, Andrew. I’ll try and be more considerate next time 😉 Enjoy the race. It’s worth the watch, whether you know the winner or not.

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