Gran Fondo Strade Bianche: The Optimist

I’m trying to ignore the fact that I might not be allowed to ride my bike until the New Year, so I have begun to pile up some objectives for next year; the latest being a March 4th reunion with the Gran Fondo Strade Bianche.

17159284_1595234730494188_4577638875024287695_oThat’s me, caked in mud somewhere in the first half of this year’s event. Below is me, caked in mud right at the end.

You might ask yourself why someone would want to re-do an event that resulted in a hefty cleaning bill for the bike and dirt that probably still resides in some nook or cranny on my body. I wish I had the answer for you, but I’m signed up and will be there on March 4th, rain or (please god, please) shine.

Note: the ‘first phase’ of entries is sold out. The 2nd phase goes on sale November 7th at 12 pm CET.

7 thoughts on “Gran Fondo Strade Bianche: The Optimist

  1. Bravo! I was a spectator at last year’s Strade Bianche and watched the cyclosportives set off on a very cold and wet Sunday morning from the warmth of my hotel bedroom.

    Surely once was enough? You’re obviously a glutton for punishment. I love riding across the white gravel but I’m strictly a fair-weather cyclist.

    • I remember you commenting that you were there in the rain last year. You’re a brave woman! One reason that I’m doing it again is that I wasn’t happy with the way they did the timing, starting it ‘from the gun’ and giving me (and the rest in the back) a time that included at least 15 minutes of waiting before even crossing the mat.

      In theory I should be higher up in the pens next year and may record a more reasonable time. In theory…

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