Give me a Hand

I’ve been meaning to write something for weeks now, but all I could muster was whining about my hand injury that just won’t disappear. I now have something else to talk about, but I’ll get that whine out of the way if you don’t mind.

Remember the German camper van I ‘met’ on the road in the Cévennes back in June? Well, I hurt a few things in that crash and one of them decided never to heal, so I rode the rest of my season of guided rides with a dull pain in my right hand.

I finally got around to seeing a hand specialist about this, but because I live in a country with universal health care, it took a few weeks to get into see him, then another few weeks to get an MRI, and now I’m waiting another two weeks to see the specialist again so he can look at my results – which are a perforation / rupture of a ligament in my wrist. I doubt it’s serious, but it’s not curing itself and I’ve got a busy season ahead of me.

Which brings me to the non-whiny part of this post – I’ve just registered for the Paris-Nice Challenge – a sportive that recreates the last stage of the Paris-Nice pro race, running the day before the pros do it slightly faster. It’s also conveniently on my 50th birthday, which means I’ll have more than the usual reasons to have a few drinks that Saturday.


14 thoughts on “Give me a Hand

  1. Hi Gerry

    Sorry about the hand (trust me, I can sympathize on the non-healing injuries front), but very cool news about Paris-Nice. A nice way to celebrating being over the hill(s). Sorry, couldn’t resist.

  2. Oh man, I missed that about your hand. I feel your pain with the slow diagnostic process and wanting to get back in gear with your busy season. Are you able to ride on a trainer without putting pressure on it?

    • I’m sure you do, Aaron! I haven’t been on the bike in a while, but that’s only because I’ve been doing home renovations and I’m lazy. But the answer’s yes, I think I can do trainer sessions either with one hand or on the forearms, no problem. How are things with you, btw? Been a while.

      • Yeah it has been awhile. Doing great and healthy. Feel better than I have in 5 years. That’s important.

        I *could* ride now and probably get back in shape quick, but that’s a big step. Will take it someday. And I’m lazy too. 😉

        Heal up and share your adventures!

    • I should have tempered my health care whining with the joy of not having to worry about paying a bill at the hospital. I think the whole MRI will put me out of pocket €30. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  3. Ugh, sorry to learn about your hand, that stinks. Three weeks wait with universal health care? Roy is waiting seven weeks to see a knee specialist here with our still very bad un-universal health care. But 50! Way to go, maybe we can watch you finish in Nice. That’s a super great way to celebrate your birthday.

    • Yeah, I was sort of being a little tongue in cheek with that comment – very happy to have my ‘free’ healthcare! Looking forward to seeing you and Roy in a few short months!

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