While my bike is hopefully being fine tuned to perfection at my bike shop this weekend, I thought I’d fill in the blanks with a rare action shot. This could also be one of the last photos I’ll see of my beloved Bianchi.

Taken yesterday in the crisp, cold Sud.


12 thoughts on “Winterlude

  1. Gerry, sad to hear you are loosing the Bianchi. All my bikes are Bianchi and I love their pedigree. I suppose if you got to move on it is with another Italian iconic bike manufacture……… And not some American/Taiwan (ish) cr*p😉 #justsaying. LoL!

  2. And there’s me grateful to have some American/Taiwan (ish) cr*p to ride on, I thought that I was ;lucky but the sun isn’t shining here so perhaps I am not.

    Nice for you to have a good day for a nostalgic ride.

  3. Bianchi…si’ bellissimo! I love all of the Italian brands Gerry.
    (that goes for Ducati/Agusta as well)

    Unfortunately, I barley make enough to pay rent and buy food…(unemployed for 2 years now)
    So, I’m grateful for so-called my Taiwan pos… 😀

    Actually, my bike is as good as any 4k bike out there, but I get the statist pov…China is kicking the Wests ass economically, by hook or crook. The west only has itself to blame. It’s not so much the west buying Chinese made goods, it’s most western governments NOT taxing/adding fees their imports. But that’s an argument hard won… 😉


    • Sorry to hear about your employment woes, Geo. I might be joining you in ‘the club’ soon…one reason I wanted to get that bike bought now!

      I don’t have an opinion on bike quality, really, mainly because I don’t know enough about it. I bought with the heart, not the intellect, this time. Next time I probably won’t have the choice..

      • I hope you can survive the job woes as well Gerry! That was a smart move, get the bike while you can for sure. The employment situation is terrible.

        Listen, I love the Italian brands…If I could have afforded one, I certainly would have bought one. I envy you buddy! 😀 But if it weren’t for the Chinese made frames, I would still be riding my 10 year old Pro-Lite…

        The quality is not so much an issue anymore as these bikes have been around about a decade now. Most of the problems have been sorted and most people who have bought them are very satisfied. I did about a years worth of research before I purchased. And so far, 20 months of riding with 3600 miles, there are no major issues.

        Just some minor nagging things, but nothing that affects performance. For 360 frame/fork and 443 for the wheels and a total of $1748, you simply cannot beat the B-C Ratio. This rig would retail between 3500-4000 in the states. Now, true, I cannot speak to its long-term reliability or quality, but I am hoping it works out. If not, lesson learned.

        My best to you and the bike! Buona Fortuna!

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