Building a Bike, One Pound of Flesh at a Time: Finito

The bank account is empty but my heart is full of fluttering now that I have received the final product back from the bike shop (they did the ‘fine tuning’ in the end). Here you are, piece by piece.

Starting at the top, I have stuck with my trusty Selle Italia SLR saddle, transplanted from the Bianchi. My tender bits seem to like this saddle and, at 125 grams, it’s about as light as you can get. Below it is my nod to the old country (okay, ‘continent’) and a Ritchey WCS Flexilogic seat post. My last post was a Ritchey, but really, I bought it because it was on sale.

2015-01-28 11.30.04

Moving back to Italy, the stem is a 3T Arx LTD. I don’t know much about stems, but I sure do see a lot of 3Ts out there. And it’s Italian…

2015-01-28 11.29.44

Like I think I told you already, the groupset I chose for the bike is mostly 2015 Campagnolo Chorus. All the components are from this set except the chain and cassette, which are Record. Bling points.

2015-01-28 11.30.22

After much humming and more hawing, I was introduced by Chikashi to the wheels I bought – Edco Prosport Maloja 32 mm. I bought carbon fibre in the end, even though I initially wrote it off as ‘extravagant’. I was swayed for many reasons, but a few that pop to mind right now are:

  • Edco has a nice ‘crash program’ for when I smash them to bits on a French roundabout.
  • I’ve never had carbon wheels and I needed to know what all the fuss was about.
  • I’m hoping for some of that famous ‘aero advantage’ on the flats.

These wheels are manufactured in Switzerland and strung together in Holland from what I can gather.

2015-01-28 11.30.30

And, as you know all too well by now, the foundation of this lovely build is the handsomest bike frame out there – the Colnago C59.

2015-01-28 11.28.50

Now I have to get some pedals on this beauty and take it out while it’s still sunny. Ride report coming soon.

32 thoughts on “Building a Bike, One Pound of Flesh at a Time: Finito

      • Very curious to read your views on the new build once you’ve taken it on a few spins!

        BTW, do you have something to protect the precious head tube from cable rub?

        • There are adhesive frame protectors that you can buy from several companies like Lizard Skins, BBB, etc. Alternatively, you can buy little sleeves (I don’t know whether they are rubber or silicon) to put on the cables. Again, several companies, including BBB, offer them, but the ones from SRAM are probably the smallest and therefore least visually obtrusive.

          Whilst you’re at it, I would suggest you check if the gear cable housing is rubbing against the chainstay as it loops up before entering the rear derailleur. Shift gears up and down to see it for all derailleur positions, and therefore the cable housing positions. I noticed it on mine one fine day and wished that someone had told me earlier…

        • Thanks, I’ll give it a look before I do any damage to my bike. I know nicks and scratches are inevitable, but it’s good to know I can prevent this type of thing.

    • I’ll do a review later, but one thing that REALLY stood out is the front derailleur. It takes no effort at all to get from the small to large ring now. Very impressive.

        • Oh, if that’s the case, then it’s 14.5 lb. Weighed it without those two things at the shop yesterday. I’m suddenly feeling better about myself! Cheers.

        • My pleasure man. That’s a beautiful machine you’ve got there. I’d say, “enjoy it”, but why? I know darn good and well you’ll be smiling for the better part of the next five years on it. Congratulations man. That is one exceptional bike.

  1. Not sure if you mentioned it but what tyres do you have on there? And I’ve noticed on some reviews for tyres some people go up from 23mm to 25mm. Do you know what benefit that is?

    • I got some Mavics that the bike shop threw in for free. I don’t really know what they are, but I’m trusting that they’re good!

      I have been riding Conti 4000s for a year or more now and liking them a lot. Never flat and no complaints on grip, etc. I’ve tried 25s but never had two on the bike at the same time. I never felt any difference, really. Well, maybe a tad ‘soft’ on the ride. It sure seems to be the trend these days though.

      • I’ve been using the same tyres. Excellent. Although I don’t know what I have in my Canyon. They have the new Conti GP 4000s II and there were a few reviews that stated they had gone up to the 25 so wasn’t sure if it was safety or comfort or puncture proof or grip or whatever.

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