Carbon: Not Just For Race Day(.)..(?)

Although it’s not my main gig anymore, I have pretty much been teaching English regularly for nearly 20 years. Most of these years were spent in Japan, where extracting lengthy sentences in a foreign language is, well, a challenge sometimes. I quickly developed a technique that worked wonders – talk about stuff that my students were interested in. It works like a magic key and I still use it to this day in France at the ‘old person’s university’ where I spend an hour and half a week. A rewarding consequence of this technique for me is learning a whole bunch of things I never would have had the chance to if I was the ‘preachy’ teacher type.

I’ve just realized I’ve been employing the same voodoo on you, and I’m not done yet, I’m afraid!


Although the conversation has already begun in the comments section (the best part of this blog, in my opinion) from my last article, I’d like to open it up to those who may have missed out.

See, I really want a pair of carbon wheels, but I don’t want them hanging on the wall, waiting for race day. I want them for all year, all the time (keep in mind, I live in the south of France and nearly never ride in the wet). Am I being unreasonable? From my extensive, slightly-obsessive search of the internet in the past few days, the jury seems to be out on this one, but I certainly know people who only roll on carbon, so I suppose it can be done without breaking any Velominati rules.


23 thoughts on “Carbon: Not Just For Race Day(.)..(?)

    • Funny, I was thinking about saying where I lived. I think I’ll add that now before it’s not too late. It is important, given the state of the roads I ride on. Thanks.

      • agreed state of roads is a key factor. i ride on a lot of roads that needs to be repaved… or the farmer carrying his crops or whatever making the road a big rumble stripes…. but i will love to have great roads to enjoy sweet biking!

      • thanks Gerry.
        I’ll tell you that the Chinese carbon products have been around at least a decade now and are constantly improving. my frame and wheels have been very reliable. when you consider that my frame and fork cost three hundred and sixty US dollars and the wheels at 443 US dollars, its a price point that cannot be beat and quality is as good as any mid level carbon bike. so far no reliability issues and I don’t expect there to be any in the foreseeable future

  1. With the access to very affordable and good quality carbon wheels from China, there is really no reason not to have a set for everyday use imo. You can buy TWO sets for under the price of one set in the US, Europe and the UK…

  2. Sssshhhhhh… Most people…[looks both ways]…only follow the rules they want to. If you want to ride a steed with CF hoops and you have the cash, do it up right!

    • Thanks for the link, Luc. I actually made a fateful trip down to the LBS and bought a pair that I’d been looking at for the past 24 hours. More on that once the bike is really a bike.

    • Yeah, my LBS owner the other day was giving me a lesson on braking with carbon rims…I didn’t have the heart to tell him I already knew 😉 I’ve got the bike in the shop right now getting them to put the final touches on it and will pick it up Tuesday. I hope it runs as well as my car because it cost more to buy!

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