New Legs, Old Legs

My video editor told me I was lacking some crucial shots for our imminent ‘Ventoux: Day in the Life’ video we’ve been shooting all year (don’t get excited – it’ll probably be condensed to 2 minutes), so we took advantage of the sun and went back one more time to Ol’ Baldy.

2014-11-07 11.16.08

It was also pretty cold today, so I got to test out my new legs (solution found to this problem) and, after a 30-minute descent of sub 10C temperatures, my knees and shins were surprisingly warm, especially compared with the bottom of my feet, which I could not feel. Here they are, if you’re interested.

2014-11-07 11.29.50

John and his ‘knickers’. Not me and my ‘legs’


Here they are.

On the other hand, my real legs didn’t feel too hot and I slogged up the mountain, wondering where my next pedal stroke was going to come from. Then again, it was such a beautiful day – and we had the whole mountain to ourselves – I won’t whine, too much.


Pro Tip: do yourself a favor and come down to climb Ventoux in late Fall. You have a decent chance of sunny weather still, the road is open (till Nov 15 usually), and the silence, especially if you’ve experienced this place in season, is heavenly.

4 thoughts on “New Legs, Old Legs

  1. Lovely photos, as always. It’s weird cause the photos looks sunny but I know the temps different. For someone who’s from the tropics, I dunno if I’d survive riding in the cold.

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