Do Garmins go to Heaven?

I only ask because there seems to be so many dead ones that they surely deserve a place to go afterwards. I have now joined the ranks of folks who have had to send their Garmin device back to the Maker for a replacement.


In my case my tactile screen one day decided not to be tactile anymore. Push and prod as I may, it only resisted even more, finally making me do a factory reset, so that I have been having to do continuous math on my rides because my computer now only spits out miles and feet.

In the end, Garmin France gave up trying and told me this afternoon to send it back for a replacement. I look forward to my reincarnated 510. In the meantime though, what am I going to watch when I’m on the road…?

13 thoughts on “Do Garmins go to Heaven?

  1. That is the big question when something like this goes wrong. It’s one of the reasons I didn’t go with the 510 because of the touch screen and some of the issues that people have had, especially when it involves the 510 getting wet. The 500 is such a hardy device and they have now discontinued it. It’s not to say I haven’t had some hangups but nothing I haven’t been able to fix with a reset etc….

  2. I also sent my Garmin 510 back and got a replacement. My touch screen always worked, though. Glad the Garmin service folks are responsive to these problems. (Seems to me they need either a better software guy or hardware guy, or both). But I do prefer the 510 over the 500 (as long as the 510 works properly)

      • It crashed and then had corrupted files that Golden Cheetah couldn’t read. Also sometimes all my settings were gone
        They sent me a new one and all is good now.
        (the programming of all the fields you can see and activity profiles is a pain–would be nice if you could do that on a computer, have the configuration saved, and just synced with garmin.)

  3. yep, after 3,5 years my 800 decided not to connect to my computer. ok, he had a hard time during winter… now older myself, I m quite happy to hace a 1000 with bigger screen…

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