Not Suitable for Young Children

It’s June 1st and I’m still at least 5 kg on the wrong side of my Haute Route weight of last August, so I’ve decided to get serious with things and make my intentions public. Here is my ‘before’ photo, taken just now. Surprisingly, I don’t look that fat here. Don’t let the light trickery fool you though – I am.

Wish me luck. The Etape du Tour starts in less than 2 months. I just have one question: who the hell quits drinking beer in summer? Cycling is proving more and more to be an unnatural act.

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18 thoughts on “Not Suitable for Young Children

  1. You’ll have to learn from those web sites that promise to make you lose weight and look good in just 30 days. However it has been revealed that those before and after pics are usually just an hour or so apart. The secret is to stick out your belly in the ‘before’ photo and then for the ‘after’ photo, work out hard with weights, sit-ups more weights and sit-ups for a full hour. Then suck everything in and voila – the ‘after’ photo. Save yourself all the hassle and you can get back to drinking that glorious summer beer. The weight still may be an issue though. Oh yes, and don’t forget to rip all the hairs off the chest, and spray on a darker cycling tan to be convincing.

  2. I reckon you could lose a kilo or so if you were to shrink your head down a bit. And I’m not talking about piercing your ego – I mean actually shrinking your head. What the hell have you been eating, anyway..?

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