Back in the Studio

Having played 7 straight days in the Cévennes mountains, John and I are back at work on our next tour…that is, trying to get people to sign up for it!

Our inaugural High Road Cévennes was a great success, I’m happy to report. The beautiful sunny weather helped a bit, as did the incredible routes we carefully hand picked. It also didn’t hurt that we had cycling-tour vets for clients who knew more about how these things worked than we did – for the time being. Here is a little scrolling slideshow of the trip, missing, now that I see it, photos of the steady stream of delicious meals our hotels and restaurants whipped up for us each and every day.

We feel strongly that we have hit on a winner with this tour, so if you know anyone out there who loves to ride on amazing roads with personable guides who won’t get you lost (too much), utilize those climbing legs, and eat really, really well, don’t be afraid to pass this along. Thanks.


Me, getting some badly needed upper body work.


Heading out on our first day on the road – Gorges du Tarn


Gorges du Tarn: you really need to ride it to appreciate it.


Yeah, people live down there.




2014 version of the High Road Mobile.


An explosion of yellow on Mont Aigoual


One of the best climbs of the tour – Gorges du Tapoul


Atmospheric filler


What a ‘Plo’ is, I remain ignorant of, but it’s kind of high.


On top of Aigoual


Climbing to the Causse Mejean, Gorges de la Jonte below


Wide open spaces of Causse Mejean


More ambiance for you..


7 km from Hures, apparently


The pretty bridge of Le Bleymard


The hardest climb on the tour – Col du Pré de la Dame


And one of the funnest descents – from La Garde Guérin


A dip into Ardèche on our ‘3 departments’ route.


The long climb up the north side of Mont Lozère


Near the summit


On the Corniche des Cévennes, with outstanding views in all directions


Starting the climb up to the Col de Perjuret


Gorges de la Jonte


Gorges de la Jonte


Those are vultures. We weren’t dead enough to get them any closer.


On the final climb of the tour out of Millau…with a pretty nice view.


The meeting of the two gorges we started and finished with.

14 thoughts on “Back in the Studio

  1. Great pics Gerry. The yellow on Mont Aigoual looks like gorse. If you squish the leaves they have a nice vanilla fragrance. Did my first cyclosportive since HR, Trois Ballons. Did the shorter version 112km and 2100m but ouch on the 17-18% portions. There were a lot of Belge and Dutch. Hmmmm! Don’t they know when they all stand at the top of those high climbs blocking the road while they congratulate each for making it to the top that it makes it impossible for everyone else to actually crest the top!

    • I’ve thought about that one for a few years now, but it was always too far. It also looked a bit scary! And…you’re preaching to the choir about those Dutch/Belgians, Luc 😉

  2. What a fabulous ride to put together and your photos are so beautiful! Thanks also for the memories they bring back, I rode bits of different sections just last fall. Time is such a funny, fleeting thing.

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