I Have a Dream

Don’t worry, my dream is more achievable than MLK’s. See, Cycling Languedoc has a little Facebook Page, where we post sunny photos of Le Sud, remind people of our tours, and try and build our ‘community’, MAMIL by MAMIL.

Okay, I’ll cut to the chase; you all have busy weeks ahead of you. We want more ‘likes’! 

We have 475 at the moment and FB keeps reminding me how nice it would be to reach 500. Click below and keep the dream alive! Merci.


11 thoughts on “I Have a Dream

    • well..after a cursory look at your page, I can only take credit for 5 people liking your page, and none of them are from NYC. But I’ll keep working them over…um…I mean, I’ll keep encouraging my friends to like your page.

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