First the Good News…

I’d like to think this will be one of the last blog posts I write about my knee, but I’m starting to realize that it’s a chronic pain – in this case for both me and you!

After 2 Osteo sessions, then 15 with the Physio, I went back to Dr. Samy to see what he had to say. After much digging and man-handling he said that I needed those shots. My first instinct was to strangle him, since I thought I knew that already, but the feeling quickly gave way to wanting to give him a hug. I did neither in the end, but I will be going back on Friday for my first of three big, long needles.

So, that’s good.

The bad news is that all this takes place 3 weeks before my first ‘event’ (or ‘race’, depending on how pedantic you are about these things), which is followed by 2 more in the next 2 weeks. I am woefully unprepared as it is, but now these shots will take me off the bike for 3 valuable days a week till they’re done, probably in the middle of April.

So Roan, if you need a domestique in the Héraultaise, I’m there for you, buddy 😉


21 thoughts on “First the Good News…

  1. Not much to say Gerry but good luck on the knee!! I used to have a repeating niggle in the left knee but then I switched over to Rotor Q rings and my knee has been OK since. 🙂

  2. The real good news is you can’t lose now….if you have a bad race you can blame it on your knee and if you have a good race you have great bragging rights…either way, you win. BTW – I have the very same picture hanging up in my home gym.

  3. best for you! But Gerry, please find a good bikefitter who is also into insoles !! its worth time and money. If you need help: My bikefitter mind find one in his network

  4. ok, I had the same. hurts after riding, even at night. 20 min cycling. gone. muscle training for one muscle I cant say in english. and fitting. no more problems with knees. only burning feet after 5:50 hours…..

  5. Sorry to hear the medical merry-go-round is still in motion for your knee. It doesn’t sound like there’s much actual science involved – just keep trying things until something works… Best of luck with the shots, anyway – as Rob says, you’ve got yourself an ideal excuse/brag combo now!

  6. In one way, it’s good that there is at least something you can do about the knee. I hope the shots do their magic.

    • Thanks. I already feel a difference. By the way, I neglected to mention this in my ‘Nice’ post, but I was utterly beaten by their bike-hire system. Even booking ahead, I couldn’t get the thing to work. I think you had the same results?

      • I failed several times in Brussels. I haven’t tried in Nice yet — I should have asked that guy that rode one on Paris Robaix last year!

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