Tour Down Under: Jan 19-26

The first professional stage race (or ‘race’ probably) of the year is about to take place, which is both motivating and terrifying to me, since I haven’t even started training yet. I couldn’t find a map of the entire route this year, so below is a random stage for blog-post filler.

As I was searching on their site, I was hit by the unique commercialization of this particular race (for one, it’s official name is the ‘Santos’ Tour Down Under), which I guess means it’s working. Apart from the San Remo Pasta one below, there are the following branded stages:

  • Stage 2
  • Thomas Foods Stage 3
  • Bupa Stage 4
  • Pure Blonde (my favorite – because it’s beer) Stage 5
  • Be Safe Be Seen MAC Stage 6


9 thoughts on “Tour Down Under: Jan 19-26

      • He looks great. Flying. He wouldn’t do it if it in anyway jeopardised his training for the Giro, but I expect him to be competitive on the course at the Nats which is only up or down, no flat. He’ll have the team with him in Adelaide of course but he’ll be riding solo on Sunday. I’m riding out to watch him – over 280km – should be a big day. Not sure if I’ll get to the TdU. I’d love to, especially with him in it this year.

  1. I think you have a pretty good excuse for your lack of training so far with your round the world travels. I started the year with good intentions and I’ve managed 4 turbo trainings since Jan 1 (a side trip to italy and pasta and wine is my excuse for not more). On my list of goals this year is Ventoux and Alpe d’Huez. Yes I should be doing the HR since it has both in it, but not this year. I am looking forward to the new pro season too. It should be very interesting especially if Froome and Wiggins do the tour – Lemond and Hinault repeat maybe?

    • I think we’re going to think about HR in 2015, so maybe see you there? Regarding this coming year, I’m starting to get interested, too. I don’t think Wiggins can match Froome in the mountains – not even close, but it’ll be interesting to watch. My wildcard this year is Contador, assuming he’s back on Spanish beef, of course.

  2. I am dumbstruck by the thought of a San Remo Pasta stage. I never imagined when I was just a boy that life could hold anything so rich in promise. Will the riders be dressed up as ravioli?

    • Hey Greg, I remember you well. I lived in Adelaide for a short time in the 90s and loved it…and am kicking myself now that I didn’t ride more while I was there. Have a great time.

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