Power Book

Happy New Year everyone!

I’ll be back in a while, as soon as my new book explains to me what I can do with a power meter other than knowing which household appliances I could theoretically run if I could plug them into my bike.


13 thoughts on “Power Book

  1. Between the book and the actual meter there will be no talking to you any more out on the road.
    it will be tricky to stay between the ditches!

  2. I got my Power Meter at the same time as you Gerry, so it will be interesting to see how it works for you on your blogs……..thanks!

  3. Gerry: curious about what you think. You need a good stomach and perseverance to get through the technical stuff; typically I find i get more out of these books when I read them the second time.

    Also try Golden Cheetah–again, you need a stomach–but it is great software (and free).

    • Oh…that’s timely. I was just wondering if I ‘needed’ to get some software for all this new data I’m supposed to be collecting. Knowing there’s something free makes it a little easier to swallow.


      • Oh yeah, now that you have joined the dark side, you must go all the way into the black hole of sport Analytics (which I love):
        Yesterday first day of antibiotics and I have been tracking my power at given heart rate, so can see the progress of rebuilding.

        No training in the bike today–6hrs of MBA teaching is almost like an HRA stage 🙂

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