Time is Money

I don’t feel right leaving you with a negative post like the last one, so I’ll cover it with this:

ZXrs VIP campagnolo super record eps_46


Time, as you probably are aware, is a French bike maker (not too far from here, actually) and one of a very small number (I just heard ‘2’) of companies who make their own carbon fiber. Everything is made up the road, near Lyon, in France.

I am throwing a Time frame into the ring to compete with Colnago for my hard earned Euros (they are about the same price), whenever I find a way to save some of them.

Anybody out there own one?

8 thoughts on “Time is Money

  1. Hi there. I don’t have a current Time but have a Time VXR one of the best bikes I have owned. Still ride it and love it. That was a purchase ten years back. I also use Time shoes Time Pedals. I would say you cant go wrong with this latest edition from Time. The quality of the frame was fantastic descending mountains a breeze, brilliant and comfy ride and that was a frame built a decade ago. If it is as good as mine when I first tossed my leg over it. it will be worth every Euro spent.

    • Stephen, that’s a great comment. I’ve been seeing Time in my peripheral vision for a few years now, but as happens often, only now started to focus on it. My bike shop is filled with the old carbon lugged frames that I assume you ride. I always liked the look of them (one reason I’m thinking about the Colnago C59, too). I’m glad to hear they ride well, too.

  2. I was riding a time edge till the C (rear dropout snapped) Loved the bike. BH gate( a Chinese outfit) sells the bikes at a discount. I wondered if some of the bikes were made in China.

    • It’s possible, but I haven’t read it. They don’t appear to make anything ‘low end’, so I’m guessing it’s all done in France. Thanks for the comment on the quality. So far 2 for 2!

  3. I have a friend who has a Time (probably about 10 years old), and he says that his next bike, once he figures out how to slip it by the wife without her noticing, will be a Time. Another friend who has a C50 is trying to figure out the same thing for a C59, so go figure… fun and games.

    • I can understand staying with something you love. I am thinking the same thing with my Bianchi. I’m going to the bike shop today and have a look at what they have. Luckily my my debit card doesn’t have near enough money on it to make it a dangerous trip.

      Re bike boxes, that’s a great question, and one that a 2 min Google search doesn’t really answer. If I get a Time this question will quickly evolve into a blog post, I am sure of that.

  4. By the way, how does one travel with a bike that has integrated seat post? Are there bike boxes / cases that can accommodate it?

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