I Have a Pet Peeve

I know I live in a new world of news. This new world means that each time I revisit Huffington Post, no matter how frequent, there’s a new headline screaming at me, often in UPPER CASE WITH BOLD RED FONT.

I know that this news is produced quickly, often from Twitter tweets. I accept this.

What I can’t accept is poor editing. I sometimes make spelling mistakes and publish blog posts without properly checking if I have the correct articles and prepositions, but nobody is paying me to write this stuff. If you make money to produce ‘news’, do it right, okay!

Why am I all riled up? How does this relate to cycling? In the 4th paragraph of the article below from Cycling News there’s a ‘click here’ with no hyperlink. As I write this I realize how trivial it all sounds, but like I said, it’s a pet peeve. It doesn’t need to be important.


19 thoughts on “I Have a Pet Peeve

  1. ” correct articles and prepositions”, wow I’m truly impressed. I am still working on my verbs, nouns, and adjectives and at my age they all don’t seem to matter a lot.

  2. I’ll swap my worries for yours my friend
    You know now this leaves you wide open to Slagging if its not perfection from this day henceforth.

    God save the Queen’s…English

  3. Gerry, It is like watching the TV and you end up shouting at it. If it peeves you take control and do something as simple as just turn it off or do not READ THE BLOODY HUFFINGTON POST. LoL! 🙂

  4. Keep being peeved. I am always amazed by how excellent the standard of writing, spelling and grammar is in the posts that I read regularly, including yours of course. This speaks to the care that the writers put into the labour of love that is blogging. The reward is the interesting and appreciative comments that your readers supply you with in return (you can always skip over mine unread).

    Keep keeping standards up. Keep being peeved.

  5. And I know a cat named Peeve. My friend the cat owner is thus able to take great joy in introducing her to new visitors to his household as: “This is my Pet Peeve.”

    Besides that, you’re right about English, and grammar. We might not need an Academie Anglais and it might not represent the end of western civilization as we know it, but then on the other hand, it… just…

    • Your friend has a good sense of humor.

      As for English, I don’t care what people write on whatever social media they might be using, but I get a feeling not unlike ‘fingernails on the blackboard’ when I see careless mistakes in the press. The worst by far is buying a book and finding spelling mistakes. Oh, how that hurts.

  6. Simple answer: stay away from HuffPo. They don’t pay their writers, they steal (err, excuse me, *aggregate*) from other sources, they are hated by writers the world around for this, and yet people click their links and make multi-millionairess Ariana Huffington more money with every click. Find your news elsewhere; it ain’t hard.

    • Funny, I was thinking of you the whole time I was writing this post, Ed. As for finding my news elsewhere, you might be happy to hear that I have recently subscribed to a paper version of Le Monde Diplomatique. Yes, paper. Also, I get my local Austin news from a guy who can make dust bunnies sound interesting.

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