More Things I Can’t Afford: Power Meter

If I decide that I am mad enough to attempt another Haute Route next summer it’ll run me around €2000, without even getting there and back home. Then there’s the €4000 bike frame I’m fantasizing about, of course.

So, while we’re dreaming big dreams I shall officially start this off-season’s big training topic – Power. It appeared that everyone who was anyone at Haute Route was running a power meter on their bikes. And if it’s not enough that I’m not in with the power crowd, after talking to lots of riders that week, it actually makes lots of sense.


More on all this later, but first I need to wade through the many confusing options there are out there and decide how many more thousands of Euros I want to pay. Cycling is so much fun!

25 thoughts on “More Things I Can’t Afford: Power Meter

      • I can order it for you from here if interested and have it sent either to my address in the US and have it forwarded to you or have it sent directly to you. BUT, first consider the app IpBike, it has a virtual power meter which is also recorded on Strava. Check out my rides on Strava to get a better idea. The app is great, does more than the Garmin’s and cost very little, is accurate, and Ifor, the app’s programer, responds quickly to any questions or suggestions. I have played with a lot of cycling apps and this if by far the best. It can use either the ANT+ or Bluetooth (HR only) sensors. It is the poor man’s cycling computer that our performs the expensive bike computers. If I shut down the WiFi and data networks, I can get about 5+hours using this app on my Galaxy S2. In addition to Strava, the app can be configured to automatically up load to several web pages including Training Peaks and CyclingAnalytics. I’m not in the same league as you and most of your readers but a lot of people who are record their rides using this app. Check it out. I guess you can tell I like it…..

        • So you use your Android on the bike like a computer, i.e. you can see the data real time? I think I’d need more than virtual power, to be honest. The whole reason for going for power would be to have an accurate real-time output. Something to replace HR, as far as I can tell.

      • Right, I use my android phone as a bike computer. The app IpBike gives real time readings for almost anything you can think of. The screen(s) are user configurable to show any reading being taken. There are too many to list here, suggest you visit the website,, for more information. Also, you may want to consider Boyd makes some first class wheels and this set comes with a power meter. Bidding is presently at $600 for the wheels and power meter.

  1. Gerry: if you go the Rolls Royce way with a 4000euro frame, an SRM is fitting.
    I have Quarq, but am now looking at Stages. In Europe you should also look at Power2Max. Many good things about power, but my wife says “could you imagine being on the trainer in winter without a power meter?”

    • Jan, your point about matching up equipment is well taken. I originally thought that if I bought the Colnago I’d need to get Record or Super Record, as well, not to mention a wheel upgrade. My bike shop assures me that my Chorus and Euros wheels will not look too out of place. When did bike buying get so complicated??

      • Tell me about it: the time I “waste” on shopping for bikes… I rode BMC electronic, Parlee with Super Record, …. I think I know what I want (stay mechanical but go 11sp SRAM red (no thumbing for me) with a light frame–probably Focus or Cannondale) but now I am getting shallow: I want a pretty frame and dont like the offered color schemes. So now: shall I buy a frame and have it built or complete bike? Luxury problem: all frames above a certain price point ($1500) are good and similar. Decision, decisions 🙂

  2. Gerry. I’ve also been looking at power since the HR. Quite keen on the new Vector system from Garmin. Not cheap but can easily be swapped between bikes (including my turbo). Bit concerned about the cost of damage but Garmin are offering a full replacement parts package. Have you see the very comprehensive comparisons offered by the guy on this site: ?

    • Julian, I’m leaning towards this one, too, at least till further notice. Is it even available in Europe? I can’t seem to find it. Looks like it’ll be around €1500, which is very pricey, but not out of this world for a power meter, I take it.

      Yep, read through part of that review. His reviews make my eyes water, though, after a few scroll-downs!

  3. Talk about 1st World problems. Of course I say this as I’m working on another bike purchase…this time with power. Jan has been very helpful as this is virgin territory for me. SRAM Quraq or Stages for SRAM for my new bike and for my other bike, PowerTap for my Campy Super Record on a 38mm carbon rim. Are we having fun yet?

  4. I have just purchased the ScAM 7000 power meter . it comes, with as standard.
    80 meg memory card
    360 degree panoramic HD camera(to record all great roads i’ve just missed while obsessing on the data readouts)
    Full audio Recording ( so i can have the conversations later)

    I’ve lost some Good friends to the Watt Virus…….its tragic!

    • Roan, Gerry’s colleague, John, here. I rarely post on the VC blog — I talk to Gerry quite enough as is. But your comment…..CLASSIC! Keep them coming.

      BTW, I wore your Irish cycling cap the other day when talking some clients up the Ventoux. I looked stylish, and they were duly impressed!

      Looking forward to that ride one day.

  5. Also curious about power, but with the HR expenses coming up (which you are well aware), it might be a tough climb. A friend recently got the Garmin Vector, and I’ll be looking forward to hear his review.

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