Haute Route Dolomites: Yes, Already…

I just got an email from the organizers of Haute Route detailing what they know about next year’s new addition – Haute Route Dolomites / Swiss Alps. Well, not exactly ‘detailing’. More like exactly what I’ve put in those 5 words in the last sentence. We know that the route will start in a ‘major city’ and finish ‘on the shores of Lake Geneva’, that’s about it. But really, isn’t that enough when you know for sure you’ll be climbing up roads like this?



Registrations are open for previous participants of Haute Route…and they close soon. Somebody talk some sense into me.

20 thoughts on “Haute Route Dolomites: Yes, Already…

    • We’re sort of having that discussion on the FB Group. Mark is very keen and there are others ‘in negotiations’ at the moment. Some are on the fence, I imagine, too. I just got into the 2nd page of the registration, by the way. Haven’t gone further than that. Don’t want to go too far! Which one would you be thinking about, by the way?

  1. I’m giving too much consideration to doing one of the HR routes and have, so far at least, managed to be held back by a mix of my conscience, self-doubt and procrastinating cycling brethren. It seems to be me you have neither of these issues Gerry so go and click the “Sign me up – where do I pay” button immediately!

    Also, I hear its one of cycling’s unwritten rules that you need a new bike per year/per route for the HR – so you absolutely have to have that new frame too. After all, the correct number of bikes to own is n+1 where n is the number of bikes already owned and you can’t argue with the maths or the rules!

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