Off-season Activities

I have been off the bike for a while, and quite busy with work. Work (not the fun, cycling-guide type), for me, involves sitting for long hours in front of my computer at my home. This fact, coupled with the one in the first sentence, has produced a lethargy that I will happily sit through, knowing it is a temporary, pre-turbo trainer, event. Here is a representation of what I feel like. What I look like is not too far behind.


9 thoughts on “Off-season Activities

  1. Except your were looking pretty strong on the bike this afternoon, if my heart rate meter was any indication. Can you say “red zone”.

    • I didn’t have my heart monitor on so I didn’t know I was redlining. If I had, I probably would have had a heart attack. Great ride, though, thanks for the call!

  2. It must be nice to know that you can always catch up on outdoor maintenance in December. I’m taking advantage of the 20 plus degrees week after week heading into Thanksgiving weekend. Indoor season a just around the corner.

    • I rode with the Nimes guys for about 10 min yesterday and managed to piss off two cars. I’m not sure I like the group mentality that develops…in a group.

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