More Buddies, More Blog

I’ve been enjoying the early off-season by taking time off the bike and putting on weight, but in my new-found job of cycling guide and old-time position as ‘cycling blogger’ I’m never really far from two wheels and the open road.

Case One: The Tootlepedals just began a Cycling Languedoc self-guided tour down here and, knowing the great influence TP has in the blogosphere, I drove out to see how they were getting along on the road. I was happy to see them, stopped along the road in the middle of the Camargue, enjoying the endless sun of Le Sud. 

2013-09-18 14.33.15

TP has been working on his bike posing as well, so pay special attention to his stance and positioning, then compare with Sean Yates from a couple of articles ago. I’d say it’s getting there, but he needs to improve the stoic look into the middle distance. He looks a little too happy.

Case 2: Along with me for the ride was Suze, taking her only day off the bike in the last 3 weeks. After checking in on the TPs we went to see the Abbey of St. Gilles, pretty immense and impressive as is…

2013-09-18 14.53.46

But a dwarf of its former self, as evidenced by what’s missing behind it. We saw a fair few pilgrims near the Abbey, too, presumably on their way to Santiago de Compostela, 1300 km away, or around 50 days on foot.

2013-09-18 15.01.14

2 thoughts on “More Buddies, More Blog

  1. Gerry: tell me more about the gaining weight? I am hoping to keep the gain within 5lbs. Not easy given my drastic reduction in training (which I am much enjoying though!)
    Am probably down to 8hrs/week, which may reduce further when cross racing starts: only 45min Sunday races and not much else then aside from some race openers on Saturday)

    • I have scales at the side of my bed, but they are being side-stepped judiciously, Jan! I have no idea how much I’ve gained. I’ll check after our trip to Venice, then starting the appropriate emergency contingencies.

      You’re doing more riding than me right now, but I think mine will increase substantially once I get this out of my system. Cross racing sounds fun, but that would mean even more bikes…not going to happen!

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