Blog Buddies in Le Sud

It’s nice when old friends visit, and even nicer when different ones show up at the same time. Very efficient.

You may know Suze. We’ve been ‘friends’ for 4 years now, but this is the first time we have managed to see each other. Fittingly, here’s my first view of her.

2013-09-17 13.57.36

Suze – of course a blogger – has been cycling across Le Sud for 3 weeks and has taken some fantastic photos along the way. If you want a bit of France envy, check out her blog now.

On the very same day I passed by Suze, we hooked up with Mr. and Mrs. Tootlepedal, who have graciously agreed to do one of Cycling Languedoc’s self-guided tours. We had a nice apéro at the Hemingway Bar, followed by a good dinner in one of the only restaurants open this week (it’s the post-Feria hangover week in Nîmes).

2013-09-17 19.48.01

7 thoughts on “Blog Buddies in Le Sud

  1. Gerry, And here I thought since I’m in your city I might get the first comment in … silly me!

    Great fun to get to meet you on the road today! And the rest of the day was equally excellent. Thank you!

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