Cycling Prolongs Your Life (if you are French and a Tour de France finisher)

John just sent me over this article today that highlights a study just published here in France. They took all the French TdF participants from the modern era (after WWII) and compared lifespan (among other things) with the general population. This result was that these guys lived 6.3 years longer than the Great Unwashed.

What this means is hard to say and, like the article points out, is only focusing on one aspect of a person’s life (being a TdF rider) and not, for example, their socio-economic reality, etc.

But I will take this as positive news and I am hoping that my 20,000 meters of climbing in Haute Route counts for at least a few extra weeks above ground.

11 thoughts on “Cycling Prolongs Your Life (if you are French and a Tour de France finisher)

  1. Bit of a pedantic comment i know, but if someone is cut out to ride the TdF in the first place surely they have certain physiological characteristics that are a bit out of the ordinary….that might explain the longer than average life?

    Anyway, interesting study none the less – and who needs the extra 6.3….quality not quantity

    • Pedantic or not, I’m sure there’s more than a bit of truth to what you say. As for the extra 6.3, you are I are probably young enough to say such things about ‘quality’. I know a few folks north of 80 who’d most likely want some ‘quantity’, too!

  2. I met the oldest person to ride the triple Ventoux yesterday (85 years young), and by chance we crossed paths again today in a completely different village. The study may be right, as this guy is thinking Haute Route might be up his alley. There is No Finish Line….Enjoy the Ride.

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