Old Friends, New Roads

On the weekend, John and I took a trip ‘out west’ to visit a couple of friends we have in Hérault. It was ostensibly a ‘business trip’, but we spent most of our time riding, drinking and eating. I love our business!

We stayed at Darren and Emma’s charming B&B, Le Saint André, Saturday, and he took us on a good, hard ride in the hills with a surprise guest – Simon.


Synchronized twisting with Gerry, Darren and Simon


More posing practice with Darren, Gerry and John.

Did I mention it was a hard ride? I’m definitely not feeling ‘the bounce’ from Haute Route yet. The legs feel like logs. Still, I kept up with the rest and pipped Simon on the final sprint into Autignac, even if he says he ‘sat up’!

This is Roquebrun, around the half-way point. Not a bad way to spend a sunny Saturday, eh?

Roquebrun & river Orb

The day ended with a fantastic dinner and some wonderful conversation. If this is the way you spend all your weekends, Darren and Emma, invite us back anytime!

We woke up Sunday morning with slight headaches (must have been the sun…) and a somewhat less slight dread of the ride we had arranged with our next hosts – Steve and Julia of VeloRoo (one of Cycling Languedoc’s excellent bike suppliers).

Steve took us out on an equally awesome route up towards Lake Salagou. In true Aussie style we stopped for an espresso along the way.

2013-09-01 11.29.27 2013-08-31 17.11.33
2013-09-01 10.43.07After the ride we had yet another great meal, poolside this time, chatting about the intricacies of French bureaucracy, bike racks and how life ain’t so bad in Le Sud. Thanks you all for an excellent weekend!

10 thoughts on “Old Friends, New Roads

  1. Man, you sure have a hard life. Great photos as always. I got back on the bike yesterday for the first time since HR after ‘rehydrating’ in Nice for 9 days and my legs feel worse after only 60km then they did the whole HR. But having said that, I did post a time nearly 7 minutes faster then my previous time on that loop.
    Have you checked the times on HR Pyrenees? It is great to see the guys who are doing both (they have a little ‘Ir’ for ironman I think, before their names). Kind of gives you a benchmark as to where your time would be and without Pouly in the mix, I would have been 1 hour closer to the front. But having said that, it sounds much steeper and hotter. Two things not good for me.

    • The last I heard from them, my legs were still tired from HR, too. Rob says his are back on form now, though, so maybe I’ll test them out this afternoon and see what happens. Congrats on the new PB. The chrono doesn’t lie, so something good must have happened in the Alps!

      I’ve been watching the Pyrenees version only a bit. Today’s stage looks bigger than anything we did. It’s similar to the Etape 2 last year and that was a killer. We really lucked out with the weather, didn’t we? I don’t remember even any wind in our week up there.

      • Except for stage 1 where I suffered in the heat (it’s a little warmer at my end of the race) you are right about the weather. A bit cold on the hands coming down col d’Iseran at 0C or 3C but other then that it was good. I think the pain of it all is slowly fading. I’m just purchasing my pics from the HR and the Pavlovian response to a camera does not reflect the true grimacing and pain that was going on.

      • Haven’t done much: was going to test ride the DI2 Trek and the M10 but haven’t yet. Somehow inside I think I know I’m not going to buy either one so harder to get motivated. Still the M10 I should look at more–I do prefer monocoque over lugged (but understand the made in Italy romanticism), just not sure I want to go with a non-BB30 and lose compatibility…
        Have also looked into all these non-branded bikes that get great reviews: November bicycles, Velovie, etc. but I may stick with an EVO 🙂

        Regarding legs: did my first 100km ride on Sunday endurance pace, whcih went well, but the legs still do not feel fresh. And I need to start switching to cross–first race later this month…

  2. It was great to spend some time with you both! Glad you enjoyed your “Westy” experience! It is an incredible corner of the world!

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