Haute Route: First Ride with the Viciouses

After a 3-hour ride in an eerily empty TGV carriage, I arrived safely in Geneva to a warm welcome from Rob and Brad, the 3rd Canadian member of Team Vicious Cycle.

My safe arrival contrasted starkly, though, with Rob’s bike box, which didn’t come with him from the airport. He put up a brave face, but admitted later to being more than a bit freaked about it (imagine riding 18,000 km on the same bike all season only to be forced to ride a different one for the biggest race you’ve ever done.).

But this story had a happy ending, and here’s Coach on this Rossetti this afternoon, on our first spin as a team.

2013-08-16 12.01.18

The ride, advertised as ‘easy’, never felt like it to me, which got me a little concerned about the ‘competition’ in this race. Not to mention the Mexican guy we picked up at the hotel who weighed about as much as my right leg, I think. He’s got a team of 15 like him, he says. Gulp.

Anyway, the ride was pleasant and it was great getting to know a few of my teammates finally. Along for the spin were myself, Rob, Mark and Brad – the last 3 pictured from left to right below (with Lake Geneva in the background).

2013-08-16 12.49.06

Then a family photo of me and Rob, who is going to work on my dorky stance on the bike. I think it’s coming along a bit. He’s got another 8 days to perfect it. IMG-20130816-00913Tomorrow we’re planning a 7am ‘easy’ ride again, this time hopefully with the whole team. Till then it’s compression socks, raised legs and hiding out in the hotel because I can’t seem to keep money from jumping out of my wallet in this town.

10 thoughts on “Haute Route: First Ride with the Viciouses

  1. And you can’t go anywhere in this town without being reminded that the Swiss are good at three things, making watches, chocolate and managing your money. But check out the vegetation behind us. No one told me that the Swiss were also know for their wine producing skills. Great ride today with the guys and glad to see my bike finally arrive. The Universe is aligned once again.

  2. Thanks everyone. Had a great pasta dinner with our whole team (11 in total, split up into Vicious Cycle ‘Carolinas’ and Vicious Cycle ‘Everywhere Else’). Great bunch of guys. Out for a full team ride early tomorrow morning, so there’ll be another blog post if I have the energy to take photos.

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