Haute Route Live Tracking, etc.

Confirmed: The Haute Route website, once the race begins on Sunday, will be switched into ‘event mode’, with daily stage updates, live tracking, social feeds, photos and more – all happening in real time.

If you see me not living up to your expectations, call me on the road and remind me to find my Inner Jensie.

Gotta catch a train…Bye!

12 thoughts on “Haute Route Live Tracking, etc.

  1. Have a nice trip and pay careful attention to the train rails in Geneva, incredibly easy to take an unexpected spill on a roadbike, I speak from experience.

  2. Have a fantastic ride Gerry. You’ve done an amazing job just to get to this point. Just finishing will be a huge achievement. Above all, ride safe. Will and I will be cheering for you and the team. Allez!!

  3. Nice job, rider #570! The tracking seems to be in French, but I was able to plug bib numbers into the Dossard field and follow you guys. I noticed that Gabe, Chris and Rob had cool little auto-facebook updates.

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