Do. Or do not. The Ventoux Triple tomorrow

When you know it's too late to turn back.

When you know it’s too late to turn back.

A few of us are moseying over to Bédoin (very) early tomorrow morning to (insert your preferred verb here, young Skywalker) a Ventoux Triple, which is, according to my Polar stats from last year, an effort that will require The Force to be with us. Since I might be the only one in our merry band of masochists who has done The Triple, I feel I have the obligation to give some helpful tips. However, as is the case with most insightful things I might like to say in my life, Yoda does it better.

21 thoughts on “Do. Or do not. The Ventoux Triple tomorrow

  1. I don’t think I would like to hear Yoda speaking French, but given this is Ventoux perhaps “Faites ou ne faites pas” would be appropriate.

    As a Ventoux triple veteran, I couldn’t agree more. I’ll be there, but not sure about a triple attempt this year. I’m still trying to find my climbing legs, lungs, and ticker – reward if found. I’m also getting tired of you shaming me up every hill around.

    • I’d like to hear Yoda speaking French. He sort of has a smoker’s voice, which would sound appropriate.

      I didn’t include you in the ‘merry band’ because I knew you were doing the double. But I like the ‘not sure about’ above. There’s still hope! See you tomorrow.

  2. As an other triple “prospect” I can´t wait to get south next week and do it. as i see it it is the test how much work is to be done before the haute route. If anyone likes to share the experience, my plan ist to do it the 19. of June. If the weather is foul, the 20. When I did the single in September it was freeeeeeezing cold, raining and I was 12 Kilos heavier.
    Gerry, I hope you will share some knowledge. Will you go Bedoin-Malaucene-Sault-Bedoin?

    • Your route planning is impeccable, Carsten! Yes, that’s the route I think we’ll do. It just makes the most sense to me. 12 kilos is a lot of weight. I can relate. That’s exactly the difference between the old and new me, too. You will hammer it this time! I’ve got the 19th on the calendar. Can’t promise at this point, though.

    • Carsten, my personal preference is Malaucene to Bedoin on the low roads for a 12Km warm-up. Then do the climbs as you mentioned Bedoin-Malaucene-Sault descending back to Malaucene. That way you get the warm-up as mentioned and then do the climbs in descending order of difficulty which sort of ends up making Sault seem just as difficult as Bedoin as you’re on you’re third ascent at that point and will likely curse the mountain, the winds, and yourself for ever having conceived the idea to do it in the first place. But it feels great when done.

  3. The thought of doing Ventoux again always sends shivers up my spine let alone a triple. How many km and how much climbing is that all together? The only Star Wars reference I can think of is Chewbaca and his plaintive, mournful, painful cry MMMWWWWAAAAHHHHHH!!!! Or something like that. Happy riding.

  4. Hi Gerry, coincidentally, I’m in Bedoin tonight. We just did 200+km on Day 8 of our Cent Cols Challenge, with Ventoux at the end of the stage.


    • I’ve been watching on Strava. Those were some insane distances and climbing. I was wondering what the CCC meant, too, but it’s all coming back to me. I don’t suppose you’ll be climbing Ventoux again tomorrow, huh?

    • It’s a monster, Jan, but only one day, unlike HR. When I did it last year I targeted mid zone 3 mostly, like I ended up doing for the Etapes du Tour I did a month later. I think I’ll probably end up doing the same tomorrow, unless I’m feeling good in low zone 4 (and unusual phenomenon I’ve been experiencing this year) and can hold that for one of the climbs. It’s all a mystery tonight.

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