Not Great News

Suffice it to say, this is not the blog article I had in mind tonight. We just found out that Ed Hudson, a member of the Vicious Cycle Haute Route Team, has died in a terrible cycling accident.

Most of us on the team never knew Ed, since we haven’t done the race yet, but it is a sad day when anyone in our community dies so tragically. As Rob said, ‘it is the opposite of the intent of riding’. The team will be riding in his honor come August. In the meantime, it’s a sobering reminder of the vulnerability that is inherent in the activity we love so much. R.I.P, Ed.



Thanks to Stephen Chernin for the tribute photo below.


20 thoughts on “Not Great News

  1. An awful tragedy….powerful reminder to ride safe at all times, although of course we cannot prevent accidents. Thoughts go out to Ed’s family today.

  2. Thanks for sharing this Gerry. As I said, I hate whenever I hear about any rider that is seriously injured or killed while participating in an activity that’s suppose to be good for health and fitness. I know I can speak for the whole Vicious Cycle team that we will miss Ed as a member of our Haute Route team and will riding in his honour and memory. RIP Ed.

    I wrote a brief blog post a couple weeks back regarding basic preparation for Gran Fondo’s. At the bottom of this piece I listed a number of safety tips while riding in groups. Please take a brief look:

    Ride safe everyone….Rob

  3. Thanks, Gerry. As you can imagine, our entire community is shocked and saddened by these events. I hope you can celebrate his memory in the Alps in a couple months.

  4. Very sorry to read this, and my thoughts go out to Ed’s family. It’s easy to forget how vulnerable we are on a bicycle, especially given how fantastic it feels to be out spinning the wheels…

  5. I can only join the other voices here, echoing what horrible, and wrenchingly sad news that is. This kind of accident is amongst the hardest of losses for family, friends, to endure, and my thoughts travel to them, and to your team.

  6. Anytime I hear of a tragedy in the professional, amateur or recreational circle of cyclist it is a reminder of how quickly things can change. My thoughts go out to Ed and his family. RIP.

  7. So so sorry to hear this news. It really is a reminder what a gift cycling is to enjoy. Deepest sympathy to Eds family. RIP Ed.

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