The Giro Starts Tomorrow

It seems like just yesterday I was hauling the indoor trainer out of the cave downstairs for its winter session, but here we are in May and the first three-week tour is with us already. This fact is both exciting (I like the tours a bit more than the Classics, probably for the same reason I prefer novels to short stories) and terrifying (it means that my ‘tour’ is coming up pretty damn soon).

But here we are in any case and I feel the need to say a few words before we start. Therefore, I give you the Top 3 Things That Would Make Me Grin for the Giro d’Italia 2013.


He also know where to keep his hands around the podium girls.

1. Ryder Hesjedal proves he isn’t a fluke. Ryder is still not on anyone’s top-spot prediction this year, even though he won the whole shebang in 2012. I understand. Wiggins is in the Giro this year and Nibali is looking very strong this time around. He’s also not the world’s best time trialist and, unfortunately for him, one of the best happens to be in the race and looking for the win, too.

On a positive note (for Ryder…maybe), there are lots and lots of climbs and Wiggins hasn’t looked that fantastic yet this season in the few mountains we’ve seen him in, while Nibali usually peeters out on his many mountain attacks. Look for a Vicious Cycle Italian road trip if Ryder is close to the lead in the 3rd week. Does anyone have a Canadian flag they can lend me?

And if Ryder doesn’t win the Giro? I’ll still be grinning. A Grand Tour has yet to disappoint me and I’m just about to start my 13th year of following them closely. It’s always a great story.

Actually, that’s about it, really. I’ll need to work on my Top 3 Lists, I think.

7 thoughts on “The Giro Starts Tomorrow

  1. Watched the highlights of the 1 st giro race…….Italian women are either very tall..( 4 inch heels help i think) or the winning racers are very short….the need for mechanic and race car support apparent in\Italy anyways, too many racers in a small area is not always healthy for equipment or racers…. watching team time trials today ….. anyone taking notes?

    • I always thought Cavendish was short till I saw his stats. He’s a bit taller than me. Well, that’s still short these days, I guess.

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